6 Great Apps to Analyze Your Disk Usage in Linux


6 Great Apps to Analyze Your Disk Usage in Linux



pie-chartYou may own a one terabyte hard disk, but the screen still shows an “Your disk is full” error message whenever you want to install a new application. Does this sound familiar to you?

When I shop for hard disk, I tend to buy one that comes with a large storage space so that I can have ample space to store all my video and music files and to install (and test out) all sort of applications to my system. However, one thing that I found is that no matter how big my hard disk is, it will get depleted very fast. If you are just like me, then it’s time for you to analyze what you have been storing on your hard disk and get it removed to retrieve the storage space.

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14 thoughts on “6 Great Apps to Analyze Your Disk Usage in Linux”

  1. You get error @ GUI Screen ? Please be clear with your questions so we can get your question

    Requesting you that please comment on Relative topic on Ubuntu. This topic is not related to ubuntu so please comment on relative topic so we can understand very easily that for which distro you want help ok?


  2. hi Tejas
    i am system administrator in software company,
    we are trying change root password, it is successfully but when we are login to root than show following massage “system administrator cannot login” can u help me about that?

  3. Ganesh its very risky that what you want to do……
    If you want to configure it anyhow then you need to do following thing:-
    For that you have to change your UID & GID same as root. Obviously that is 0.

    If you want that user can execute some of your selected commands only then you need to allow that command in visudo file.

    Enjoy Linux.

  4. thanks Tejas

    but we not configure lamp server in gui mode,
    can u help me about that, and also we not able to login root user
    can u help me about that, plz give me…….

  5. Hello Tejas,

    Its great to see you so much active.On Daily Basis i am vising your blog and most of the time i found new things here about linux.

    keep up good work like this.

  6. thanks Tejas,

    can u help me about installation of lamp in graphic mod,and i want to configure samba server…plz help me?
    thanks in advance

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