Add Nautilus Templates at Right Click on Fedora

Creating New Documents by Right Click From Your Desktop

Hi Friends,

This tips is For Fedora9, Fedora 10 Linux.

If Someone looking or if someone is confusing or Don’t know that How to Add New Word Document, New Odt Document or any New Document By Right Clicking on Desktop like Micro$oft Do.So Let’s Do with Linux and Believe me Its  Very Easy.

Look at this Snapshot It will Look Like this……………………………

Follow the Instruction to do that.

Step 1: First Download Templates From this link

Step 2: Extract it By Anyway if you want to extract it.From Graphical Mode or From Shell Mode.

Step 3 :- Now Open that Extracted Folder.

Step 4:- Open Your Nautilus Window. i.e. Under Applications -> System Tools -> File Browser.

Step 5:- Once Nautilus Window gets Open. Click on Go -> Templates.It will open your Templates Folder.

Step 6:- Now Copy (or Cut ) all the files From that Extracted Folder and Paste in to Your File Browser’s Template Folder (~/Templates) which you Opened from Go -> Templates.

Step 7:- Now Minimize all the Open Applications. Right Click on Desktop -> Move your Cursor to Create Document. Here You will get all the list of Document.

Step 8: The Great things is that You can add as many as  Documents with any extensions.As I added.You can
See in Snapshot.

Step 9:- Now You can Create Document by Using this Shortcut as Micro$oft do.

Enjoy Shoutcuts 🙂 Enjoy Fast Life with Linux 🙂

All comments Accepted. Thanks.

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