19 thoughts on “Login as a root from GUI Fedora 11”

  1. If you login as “root” you can manage your Windows applications in a much easier way (using Wine) and you’ll have full control of everything on the computer, using the command line in FC11. Thanks for the great tutorial!

  2. I was looking for crucial info on this subject. The information was important as I am about to launch my own portal. Thanks for providing a missing link in my business.

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  4. Kenneth Oden
    dont copy type…
    su root
    your password
    cd /etc/pam.d/
    now i used gedit no vi so
    gedit gdm not vi gdm worked for me anyways may help you to best of luck.

  5. Thanks, I had this problem with fedora 10 as well.
    But once I got past this fedora is great !
    I’m just not a Linux madman its a hell of alot easier for me to setup me SMB and httpd from root, I tried adding myself to wheel group and using sudo from de user account but with no luck… again thanks for your time posting this helpful info..

  6. Hello,

    I’ve tried these steps in order to log-on the root user in Fedora 11, without any success. After typing the root password, the message “unable to open session” appears.

    I’ve seen similar forums has mentioned the following:

    “Do you have gdm running as unconfined_t?”

    How do I enable this?

    – Kenneth

  7. Thank you very much.
    It is those fine details which make the difference.
    That gdm-password editing ended a headache.

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