Editing/Removing ID3 Tag for MP3 In Linux (Ubunutu)

Hi Friends,

Today I am sharing one method to edit ID3 Tag for  Mp3 in Linux. ( Fedora10, Fedora 11, Ubuntu 8.10, Ubuntu 9.04).

There are lots of MP3 tag editors are available for Linu but I prefer EasyTAG. This is very good and easy tool to edit ID3 Tag.

Follow below steps to edit ID3 Tag for Mp3 in Ubuntu Linux.

Step 1 :- Login as a root and install EasyTAG in Fedora.
First Open Terminal from Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal
linuxuser@tejasbarot.com:~$ su – root

Step 2 :- Now Install easyTAG on your Fedora Box. By Execute Below Command.
root@tejasbarot.com:~# apt-get install easytag

When it as you for Y/N Confirmation Pree “Y” to Install and Press “N” to Cancel Installation

Step 3:- Once installation done back to Normal User.
[root@tejasbarot.com:~#exit ( Will take you back to Normal User)

Step 4:- Open EasyTAG
linuxuser@tejasbarot:~$ easytag (If you want to open from Terminal than execute easytag command on terminal)
If you are GUI Lover then Go to Applications -> Click on Sound and Video -> Click on EasyTAG

Step 5:- Start editing ID3 Tag’s of MP3.
Edit Path of your MP3’s Directory in your Browser Bar. (By Default there /root is default path)
At your Right Side you will See Your Songs MP3 List and ID3 Tags Information

Step 6:- Editing /Removing MP3 ID3 Tags.
1. Select that MP3 File from list which you want to edit /Remove ID3 Tag
2. Edit whatever you want to edit in your ID3 Tag. and Press “CTRL + S”. If you want to remove ID3 tag from MP3 then Select MP3 File and Press “CTRL + R” and “CTRL + S”

If you don’t know what is MP3 ID3 Tag then please visit this link :- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ID3

That’s IT :). Enjoy ID3 Tag Editing :).


6 thoughts on “Editing/Removing ID3 Tag for MP3 In Linux (Ubunutu)”

  1. Can you please correct the spelling of “Ubuntu” from title of this blog, it’s “Ubnutu”. Also in step – 1 you are giving information about fedora and shared steps to install EasyTag on Ubuntu :(. According to me “su – root ” from step – 1 will never work. Please test it in your Ubuntu machine.

    In step – 2, “*” is no longer needed in ” apt-get install easytag*”.

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