Login as a root from GUI Fedora 13

Hi Friends,

Fedora 13 Beta is just released and I am posting solution for root lovers who like to login with root. Fedora 13 root login is exactly same like Fedora 12 root login.

WARNING :- Its not at all good to login as root from GUI. It’ DANGEROUS. BUT if some one wants to know that how to login as a root from GUI then follow the instructions.

In Fedora 13 You cannot login as a root from gui. By Default, only Normal users are allowed to login from gui mode.

I Managed to Login as a root from GUI on Fedora 13. Follow these steps and you will able to Login as a root from GUI on Fedora 13

If You want to login as a root from GUI in Fedora 13 then you have to edit something like some files which are located to /etc/pam.d/

Open your Te rminal from Applications -> System Tools -> Terminal

Now Login as a root  from your terminal

Step 1 :- [linuxuser@tejasbarot.com]$ su – root

Step 2:- Now go to your /etc/pam.d/ directory.

[root@tejasbarot]# cd /etc/pam.d/

Then first take a backup of gdm file

cp gdm gdm.bkp ( always take backup if anything goes wrong you can correct it by original file)

Step 3 :- Now Open gdm file in your favourite editor. I am using vi as my editor.

[root@tejasbarot pam.d]#  vi gdm

Find and Comment or remove this line into your gdm file
auth required pam_succeed_if.so user != root quiet


Step 4 :- Save & Exit From that File. ( In Fedora10 Till step 4 is enought to Login as a root from GUI but for Fedora 13 you need one more file to edit otherwise you cannot Login as a root even though you edited gdm file).

Step 5 :- Here is the additional file that you need to edit and that file name is gdm-password. Open gdm-password file in your favourite editor. I am using vi as my editor.

Then first take a backup of gdm-password file

cp gdm-password gdm-password.bkp ( always take backup if anything goes wrong you can correct it by original file)

[root@tejasbarot.com pam.d]#vi gdm-password

Find and Comment or remove this line into your gdm file
auth required pam_succeed_if.so user != root quiet

Step 6 :- Save & Exit from File. Now Logout and Try to Login as a root user. Now you are able to Login as a root user from GUI in Fedora 13.


Enjoy Stuff from root :) Enjoy Fedora 13 :)

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  • JonB says:

    Thanks much

    I had root login working on a Fedora 11 LXDE workstation (very handy for FTP remote fixes). Machine went south and I ‘forgotted’ how I got it to work. this tip did the trick, only difference for Fedora 11 is the lxde file is named lxdm in that iteration.

    thanks again

  • Tejas Barot says:


    Yes You can do that by Marking “Do not show this message again” on the same screen.

  • L.M. Cohen says:

    Works great. However is there anyway to supress the warning that pops up when logging in as root?

  • Tejas Barot says:


    Can you tell me what you are trying to configure ?? Can you provide me some details ??

  • danial says:

    hi.i sign in as root in fedora15 but when i try ro ./configure
    its prompt :permission denied.how can i fix this problem

  • Avinash says:

    cooooool works on fedora 14 to , i used ur suggestion correct after one year ,,, thnxxxxxxxx

  • Avinash says:

    wow ultimate .. works on fedora 14 toooooooooo thnx.

  • Nastya says:

    Thanks! Very helpful information!

  • Tejas Barot says:


    Just restore your files which you have taken backup at same place simple

  • Unixx says:

    How to you revers this? I can not log into my normal account nor the root account. Anyway? Thanks!

  • Jaeyoung says:


  • Tejas Barot says:

    Great if its working.

    I have tried Red Hat Linux 6.2 Beta it is already allow to login as root we don’t need to do anything. Which beta release you have tried?

  • Yoga says:

    its working. i tried in Redhat6

  • ranvir & manoj says:

    Thanks 4 ur root user log in information….
    It helped me successfully in my work…& It works properly…Great

  • Tejas Barot says:

    To save file in vi Press ESC then Press (:) type wq and hit Enter, If you want to save it forcefully then instead of wq press wq! and hit Enter.

    Hope it helps you.

  • nandakumar says:

    how to save file in vi

  • Tejas Barot says:

    Hello Nadim,

    1) In Fedora and All Linux, You have to Install Packages by root only. If You dont want to install it as a root then you have to configure sudo. I suggest you that You install packages only as a root and Just Run those applications as User. Just make sure that you don’t do any mistake while root or sudo access because it may destory your system.
    2) XAMPP is additional Utility for Apache MySQL and PHP but If there is no particular requirement for XAMPP then You can get Apache MySQL and PHP packages in Fedora DVD it self so for this you don’t need any extra utility
    3) What Kind of applications you want to install and what kind of tools you required ? Please tell me in detail.

  • nadim says:

    Hello Tejas Barot. Thx for your input.

    Yes I can log in as root now. I saw the “other” before you replied and did try to login as root from there but couldn’t. In fact I have a French keyboard and when entering the password, the “USA” keyboard was active (taskbar below on the screen); hence couldn’t log in. When I changed it to French layout, I could log in as root. Good I’m learning. And thx to people like you to provide tutorials and help.

    I’ve installed a copy of Fedora 13 with Gnome Desktop. I’ve downloaded another copy of Fedora 13 with LXDE – I’ll format my harddisk for a fresh install with LXDE now that I’ve “played” with Fedora (and installed many packages, etc… – I’ll be installing XAMPP probably among other development tools…)

    Gimme a piece of advice: Do I need to install these web development packages / applications as root or do i install them as the user i’ll be logging in ?


    p.s.: where can i find a list of web development applications / tools for Linux ?

  • Tejas Barot says:

    Hi Nadim,

    Yes, You are right. Root will not be displayed on Login Screen. This is because of security reasons. But Instead of Root you will find something called “Other” Just Enter over there and Enter root as your user name and enter your root password. THat’t it you will able to login.

    But to login as a root from gui you have to follow some steps. Those steps i have mentioned on the same post which you have added comment.

    This is great that you are using Gedit, But if you are developer then in Linux there are So many Applications (IDE) available on Linux.
    1) Netbeans
    2) Fedora Eclipse
    3) Kompozer

    If you are willing to purchase then you can go for ZendStudio

  • nadim says:

    Hello. I’m a newbie in Linux – just installed Fedora 13 yesterday (sunday).. and it’s the first time i’m going to use Linux (was using Windows 2003 Server as a Web Developer) – I will be developing and testing in Linux/Fedora as from now 🙂

    I did exactly what you wrote above, except that I used gEdit instead of vi. But still I do not have a user “Root” listed when logging in. I only have the only user I created when installing Fedora 13.

    Any suggestions ?

    Thx, Nadim (Mauritius)

  • Guru says:

    Nice infomation…! helped me

  • Senior Guide says:

    Sweet article….

  • lami says:

    it works..

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  • Tejas Barot says:


    Boot your fedora 13 into single user mode. and remove gdm RPM and install that rpm from your media (DVD)

    hope that helps…..

    Let me know for further queries

  • lakis euthimiou says:

    Things went really wrong for me…
    how can I restore the files?

  • rwilla says:

    and for lxde just need to edit /etc/pam.d/lxdm file.

  • Srinivas says:

    Thank you very much, it worked perfectly.

  • Tejas Barot says:

    I think you are missing something. It’s working perfetly fine.can you send me mail of yur changed files??

  • learningnewb says:

    I recently installed Fedora Core 13 Beta and was trying to solve the issue you posted about here.

    Following the steps you list resulted in root AND Normal users getting a “Permission Denied” response when attempting to login with GUI.

    Restoring gdm-password, fixed the issue and allows Normal users to login but still cannot login as root.

  • limewire says:

    lmao cool info bro.


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