Disable (Block) CD/DVD ROM Linux ( RHEL )

Hello Friends,

Today i am sharing one howto about how to block or disable CD/DVD ROM in Linux.

Below procedure is working fine on RHEL ( Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5).

1) You need to be root user to perform steps.

[blog@tejasbarot]$  su –

2) Go to Directory Where your kernel drivers stored. Follow exact command.

[root@tejasbarot]# cd /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/kernel/drivers/cdrom

3) Now list directory.

[root@tejasbarot cdrom]# ls

4) Now rename or delete cdrom.ko file with following command.

[root@tejasbarot cdrom]# mv cdrom.ko cdrom.ko-ok

To Delete file execute below command

[root@tejasbarot cdrom]# rm -rf cdrom.ko

5) Now reboot your computer and Insert CD or DVD into Drive. It will not detect.

6) If you dont want to reboot your computer then just execute below command.

modprobe -r sr_mod

Hope this helps you

Let’s Have some feedback

Enjoy Linux 🙂 Enjoy Blocking…….

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