Howto: Install Google Voice and Video Chat on Fedora | RHEL | Linux | RPM-Based System

Hello Guys,

As I have already posted that Google Voice and Video chat is available for Linux but Only for Ubuntu, Today i was googling for installing Google Voice and Video chat on Fedora | RHEL and RPM Based Linux.  So I Found 1 very nice howto on google helps itself. A very nice howto which shows us that howto install using DEB file. I am posting that with some modification.

Google Released Official RPM to Install using Official RPM follow this link :-

Perform following steps to install Google Voice & Video chat on Fedora | RHEL and RPM Based Linux

1. You need to be root for Doing this. So be as a root

2. Click Here to Download DEB File. Or Execute Below command on Terminal.

# wget -c

3. Move deb file to /tmp directory. Execute below command
# mv google-talkplugin_current.deb /tmp

4. Now Change your Directory to /tmp. Execute cd /tmp

5. Now Execute below command
# ar vx google-talkplugin_current.deb # This command will extract DEB file here.

6. Above command will install drivers, but as we don’t have exact RPM so we have to make link of some library files. Execute below commands
# cd /usr/lib
# ln -s ../../lib/
ln -s

(non-Fedora distributions, and other versions of Fedora, may have different locations and version numbers for these libraries, but the same basic method should work.)

7. Now Again lets change our directory to /tmp where we have extracted DEB file. Execute command below
# cd /tmp
# tar xvzf data.tar.gz -C /

8. Now change your directory to /opt/google/talkplugin by executing command below
cd /opt/google/talkplugin

9. Type Below command

If Everything is fine you will able to see two lines as below

./GoogleTalkPlugin: /usr/lib/ no version information available (required by ./GoogleTalkPlugin)
./GoogleTalkPlugin: /usr/lib/ no version information available (required by ./GoogleTalkPlugin)

Above lines are not errors its just warnings so Don’t worry.

By following this howto on some systems plugin will work on firefox and on some plugin will work on Google Chrome. Don’t know the reason but its only like that. Also I don’t say or not any surety that this will works for all.

I want to thank this post for showing a very nice way to install Google Plugin without RPM.

Source link :-

Enjoy Linux 🙂 Enjoy Voice & Video Chat on RPM Based Systems 🙂

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