11 thoughts on “Login as a root from GUI | Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat”

  1. Hi,
    Its a Nice question actually and very well written.

    I am also agree with you and i have put up a warning because of some objection in past, So i have put it.

    I also thinks that If I am doing anything and as a Administrator I am responsible so how can i make such a silly mistake completely agree with you. I cant tell you much about windowZzzz as i am not using it.

    But All are saying to not use root because if any thing go nasty or any mistake then it can be damage your system like if you execute rm -rf /etc by mistake ( i dont think any Admin will make mistake like this ) but this is guessing and precaution kind of thing.

    But As you I also don’t agree with them who are complaining about root login, I feel its baseless. If you are not that much responsible you should not use root or any other Administrative task what you say?

    Hope you find this answer useful.

  2. I am new to linux, till now I have been sailing on the Windows boat and I am very happy about that.
    Now, the point I want to raise is that why is it that everybody is so scared of working as root. I thought linux is an OS for super-users.
    In windows, we log-in as administrator all the time, every time.
    at least on my own system, i do not want to be reminded all the time that am i going to do something stupid, if yes then type admnin (root) password.
    i have managed a small network of around 25 systems, using windows 2k and windows nt 4.0 workstations.
    but I never faced any issue such as i mistakenly screwed up my system or some users system or account.
    why is is that the name of root instills fear in the linux users (super or normal)
    please reply because i really want to understand the root (cause) of the fear


  3. Hello, Of course you can do that,

    Execute following command as a root :-

    usermod -p ” { Single quote two time }

    That’s it. Let me know if you have other query.

  4. Can you please tell me how to get those changes undone?

    I would like to go back to the old way, because unfortunately I still cannot work under the graphical shell in root.

    So would prefer to get sudo only again. But how…?

    Anyhow thanks…!

  5. Already tried that, but you do confirm the steps.

    the fact that as root user the user/groups box never gets populated, it just hangs isnt good.

    so i cant as root relegate ‘me’ to desktop user, and as ‘me’ cant relegate ‘me’ as i am the only administrator and the system needs at least one.

    pretty much a rubbish situation.

    i am off to look for a way to enable root user rights for root and relegate desktop accordingly.

  6. Thanks

    It let me login as root but…..

    The user admin program (users-admin) when run as root is all greyed out.

    This means that you can not manage system users and groups.

    It is also greyed out if you do a “sudo users-admin” after a login using the adminstrative account…

    This is absurd…. Moslem terroist fanatics are not as extreeme as these anti-root fanatics… (root? hmmmm…… I wonder if it might have something to do with insecurity about the size of their sexual organs and they don’t want to be reminded of it?)

    Off to google how you adminster the system users and groups….

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