33 thoughts on “Login as a root from GUI Fedora 14”

  1. Thanks for sharing the info,, very much! I need to be able to login to root directly from GUI, in order to use “Virtual Machine Manager” under “System Tools”. When I login as regular user then su to root (even when I was able to), bringing up “Virtual Machine Manager” will give me problem creating virtual machines, only directly login as root will allow me to do that, so your tip helped me resolved this issue.

  2. Worked just fine on a dual boot machine with Windows 7. Next step: How does one convince the good folks developing Fedora that we don’t need a nanny operating system?

  3. This is a good work . thank you who answered to this question about log in in Linux as root in Fedora 14. Thank you !!!

  4. Can you send me your /etc/pam.d/gdm and /etc/pam.d/gdm-passwd file ?

    I think you have done some wrong changes that’s why it is happening.

    If you have got old files then just restore it.

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