17 thoughts on “Howto: Login as a root from GUI on Fedora 15”

  1. Hello,

    You can enter to run-level 1 with the same method as RHEL.

    For rest thing let me know answers of following questions :-

    1) By which user you are trying to edit and save file ?
    2) By which user and to which user you are trying to copy file ???

  2. hey hiiii,
    i m using fedora 15 and even when i tried to save and copy gdm file it is not allowing me. while copying i m getting error called “permission denied can’t create gdm as regular file” and while saving i got the error saying “E212: can’t open file for writing” and below tht it ask me to enter or press another command. even i m trying to do it with forcefully i m getting this error. wht shld i do. 1 more thing i want ask tht how to enter in run level 1 while start up the m/c as we do it by pressing up-down arrow in RHL. how to enter in fedora 15. pls help me

  3. thank you very much, this was really required or i was going to uninstall this, i dont know how much fragile linux is that using it from administrator account will destroy it, if it is such fragile operating system why to spend so much energies on it, also developers may give a warning that you much not login as root in GUI but after all this is my machine and i want it to be in my full control as i want, you can give me warning but if i want to mess up with my pc whats the problem to anybody :)) thanks..

  4. Hello,

    You haven’t mentioned error here ? What’s the error you are getting while saving it? To turn off Airplane Mode from Network Manager you have to do it from root and have to allow disable user control.

  5. I edited these files as described above from a terminal as root in fedora 15, but I got errors when I tried to save them. I cannot turn off airplane mode from the network manager in fedora 15.

  6. I have always used KDE as my UI, and recently installed x86 FC15 in an older machine. I had always installed Gnome with KDE as Fedora considers Gnome as the default. This time I tried installing without it, and found that I was able to log in as root without any changes to files. In fact the gdm files aren’t even generated by the system during OS installation.

  7. Hi,

    To save file, You can do following.

    If you are using VIM or vi editor then Press ESC twice and then press :wq and if you want to save forcefully then press :wq! it will work for you. Let me know if you still face any issue.

  8. Hi! I have done steps 1, 2 and 3, and everything is ok. But I am a really new user, and I don’t know how can I do step 4: SAVE & EXIT from TERMINAL (after removing the selected line). Can you help me, please?

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