Howto:Installing TataPhoton+ on RHEL 6 | Linux


I am sharing a howto cum good news for All Linux Users who specially use RHEL from Long time.

As in my earlier post for RHEL 6 Views i have mentioned that RHEL 6 is looks like a Fedora 14 from Graphical Point of View, but 1 positive thing which i like about RHEL 6 is that It is detecting most of the things automatically like fedora 14.

Today I am sharing how to to configure TataPhoton+ on RHEL 6 ( Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6).

If you are some what experienced then you will know it very easily but this how to is specially them who just started with RHEL 6 only and wanted to configure Data Card Photon+ on RHEL 6.

To Configure TataPhoton+ on RHEL6, You don’t require any RPM Sort of things but to Perform this howto following requirement must match.

Requirements :-

1) Network Manager must be installed.

2) You Network Must be managed by NetworkManager

To Configure and Running DataCard ( Photon+) On RHEL 6, please perform following steps.

1) Attach Tata Photon+ and Wait for 2 Mins mean while you can check that into for detecting process (/var/log/messages)
2) You will get a New Connection Called “New Mobile Broad Connection” click on that.
3) Click “Forward”
4) In Country Selection Select “India”, Click on Forward
5) Then Select “Tata Photon+”
6) Click on Finish
7) Now Left Click on NetworkManager there you will able to See connection name called “TATA Photon Mobile Broadband” click on that Connection.
8) That’s it, Now you are connected with TataPhon+  on RHEL 6.

Let me have some feedback on the same.

Enjoy Internet on Linux through DataCard Photon+ 🙂 Enjoy Linux 🙂 Enjoy Open Source 🙂 Enjoy Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 🙂

11 thoughts on “Howto:Installing TataPhoton+ on RHEL 6 | Linux”

  1. Hi,

    I tried as the steps provided by you but not able to access Photon+.
    Even I am also not able to see NetworkManager on my desktop bar on fresh installed RHEL6.

    Can someone suggest what needs to be done.


  2. to work in linux u have to enter a valid DND ip in your configuartion
    in RHEL/CentOs
    in network configuration
    enter in primary DND

  3. Hello

    I am using micromax data card, but it doesn’t get detected in the RHEL6…What could i do??
    Please help..

  4. Hallow, Yes you are right.NM is not required for ifcfg-eth0. But still it is not working from my system RHEL6. can you please let me know where could be the problem. I have followed all the mentioned steps you provide.

    One more thing if you have GNBD rpms for RHEL6 can you please send me as an attachment to my mail-id It would be a great help for me. I am trying to configure GFS2 with GNBD. Please help me.

    Santanu Mukherjee.

  5. Hello,

    Can you please explain me what you want to achieve by editing ifcfg-eth0 ?

    This post is for TataPhoton+ data card not for ethernet. I hope it is clear to you Shantanu…

  6. This is not at all working. I have enabled NetworkManager by chkconfig and also in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 “NM_Controlled=yes” and did the same steps what you have mentioned. But no results. Please put some light on this.


  7. Hi,

    I have installed Fedora 16 0n my HP laptop recently. I am trying to use TaTa Photon + on my Fedora machine, I followed all above steps, It shows tata photon + as service provider but It does not connect(gives error connection failed)

    Same device is working on Windows machine …

    Please suggest possible workaround

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