22 thoughts on “Howto: Login as a root from GUI on Fedora 16”

  1. Thanks a heap! I’m using my system to study for a RH exam and the endless su/sudo/passwords was driving me crazy. If I wanted Vista I’d have installed it…

  2. hey.. thank you it worked..
    but, after doing this , once i switch to the user .. again i get a login screen then i tried to login with my old password .. but, i can’t.
    wat to do now . ??
    help me 🙂

    thank you bro 🙂

  3. thanx, it really works!!!!
    but i have one question (totally newbie 😛 ):- Once loged in as root, i cud not see the folder i created in “Home”. Also I got Aptana Studio 3 downloaded in user account. The location of that was in Downloads folder, which again is not visible when loged in as root 🙁
    Sems to me that there needs to be something other to be configured to get those files when loged in as root. Awaiting for your prompt response.
    Thankx again 🙂

  4. Excellent work.
    your work saved me fro doing all admin tasks from terminal. Thanks a lot.

  5. Hello,

    Just Go to Login Screen and Chooes “Other” Option to Login and Provide username “root” and then password.

    Let me know if still its not clear.

  6. I followed your instructions, and I may just be stupid or whatever, but after logging out/rebooting the machine, how do you ACTUALLY login to the root account?

  7. hey bro

    thanx a lot…….

    it would be a great help if u’ll publish a step to use Fedora 16 as a DHCP server(how to configure dhcp service in FC 16).

  8. hello

    thank you so much
    it’s very useful

    for last one comment
    you don’t need reboot the machine
    just logout and login with root

  9. Alternatively, open Terminal, use su- and enter root password.


    yum install gedit

    to install text editor. Then

    gedit &

    to open gedit. Browse to the files and edit in gedit.

  10. Hey Caroline Glasgow, when editing in Vi, you can save the file by pressing ESc key and then SHIFT + ZZ (Z Key should be pressed two times).

    Your file will be saved and you will be automatically out of that file.

    Hope it helps

    Amit Verma

  11. I have been following your process for logging on as root on Fedora 16. I followed the process but do not know how to save the file as there is no option to do so? I also tried the password file and it did not seem to exist as it said new file against gdm-password.
    Any help you can give is much appreciated as I am trying to amend the read / write settings on a hard drive which I have formatted using Fedora 16 which will not allow me to us as I am not the owner ‘root’ is so will not allow me to use it.

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