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This is a post to update Firefox on Ubuntu 11.10.

It is very fast upgrade version from Firefox i think so, But anyways we like updates because update comes with some new feature and always for me New Release is exciting.

Before Following this post i would like to mention following things :-

1) Make sure Make sure you want to continue with Firefox 9 may be there are some bugs also not sure !!!!.

2) First Prepare a list of your Favorite Add-Ons

3) Before Updating/Upgrading it make sure those add-ons are available on Firefox 9.

4) Take a Backup of your BookMarks

In Very Few steps we will able to update Firefox 9 on Ubuntu 11.10

Please perform following steps to Install Firefox 9 on Ubuntu 11.10 :-

1) Make sure your Internet is working

2) Please change your user to root

[tejasbarot@tejasbarot-ahmedabad-linux]# su –

3) Execute Following command on your Ubuntu 11.10

[root@tejasbarot-ahmedabad-linux]# add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-security/ppa

4) Now Just Execute following command as root :-

[root@tejasbarot-ahmedabad-linux]# apt-get update

[root@tejasbarot-ahmedabad-linux]# apt-get install firefox


[root@tejasbarot-ahmedabad-linux]# apt-get upgrade

5) Now when it Ask a Question for Yes/No then Provide Yes If you want to Continue and No If you Don’t want to continue.

That’s it.

Shortly I am going to post How to for Installing Firefox 9 on Fedora 15. Keep Visiting Blog.

I Hope it helps to some body. Let me have some feedback guys.

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Enjoy Linux 🙂 Enjoy Open Source :) Enjoy Ubuntu 🙂 Enjoy Browsing with Firefox 9 🙂

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