21 thoughts on “Login as a root from GUI | Ubuntu 12.10 | Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin”

  1. I just installed ubuntu 12 on my PC, each time I try to install a program, it asks for admin passwd. I never set one!
    I’ve read how to change root password using: sudo passwd but IT STILL ASKS FOR CURRENT PASSWORD, WHICH I DONT KNOW BECASUE I NEVER SET!
    is there a way of disabling this passwd request or fidning what passwd UBUTNTU seems to have setup by default?
    Pls help

  2. Bro,
    I’m not able to login as root
    I was actually able to login as root
    but When I installed KDE, the root again got disabled.
    Any way to solve this?

  3. Ok, I’ll subscribe then. Thanks so much.
    I guess this is a problem most people doesn’t notice unless they try to login as root through the screen, so there’s not much info.

  4. Hi, same problem here. My login screen doesn’t show the “OTHER” option. I’m using Gnome Shell too. I tried everything from Unity, just to check if it would work from the defaul desktop, but it’s still the same. So it seems like it’s a bug, doesn’t it? Has someone fixed this or has any clue?

  5. I am already a suscriber of YOUR BLOG. I hope that I get a perfect person from whom I can lean many things on ubuntu as well as on Linux, Fedora.. Really I am a LINUX fan.

  6. Hello,

    Yes, Girija it is possible i will find it and will update on the same blog, You can subscribe to blog so whenever i will post it you will get post.

  7. Yes you can destroy your OS, you also remove a lot of system security. It’s not for ‘root lovers’ it’s for people with poor understanding of their OS.

  8. How your system makes it possible but not mine? I am on Gnome Shell.. Are U using Gnome Shell?

  9. I installed 12.04.LTS yesterday and by now I configured my system with required packages. I can be #user after following your procedure. But my Login screen does not provide OTHER to select it unlike in 11.10.. Why?????

  10. Log in Screen do not provide OTHER option to login as root. The procedure is farely working in 11.10 but does not in 12.04 LTS. We will be very graceful to U if the solution sill be there. Without root the whole 12.04 LTS is just a child Play. I need to be log in as root essentially.

  11. No ‘Other’ option on step 5, Login Screen. However, there was in Ubuntu 11.10. Any other solution?

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