DNSChanger Malware: How to Check Computer is affected/Infected from DNSChanger Malware or Not ?


This is quick post for Security for everybody.

Please Share this howto to check their own Security. Please suggest Everybody to check.

As in the world, Today is the risk date for every internet users as media is saying all over that computers which is affected with DNSChanger Malware will not able to connect to Internet.

In This how to i am mentioning website which you can follow and check that your system/computer is affected to this virus or not.

To Perform checking you can visit following website.

Just visit following website and aggree to Terms and Conditions.

1. After Agree to Terms and Conditions, If GREEN Screen displays then you are at No Risk and Your system/Computer is not affected with DNSChanger Malware.

2. After Agree to Terms and Conditions, If RED Screen displays then you are at No Risk and Your system/Computer is affected with DNSChanger Malware.

You can check for DNSChanger Malware at this website :- http://www.dns-ok.ca

Visit above Mentioned website and Agree to Terms and Conditions.

Hope this will helps to everybody.

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