Howto: Installing GIMP 2.8 on Ubuntu 12.04 Using PPA | LTS | Precise Pangolin | Single-Window Mode | Linux


This is Great News for Designers who likes to Design on Linux and Open Source, A Strong Alternative of Photoshop Releases Strong Version of GIMP, and Guess what its a Complete Open Source.

First Let me just explain you why GIMP 2.8 is better than all other versions, I am Huge fan of GIMP as its very nice alternative to Photoshop, It contains most of the Photoshop features, I don’t say all but its very nice alternative to Photoshop in Linux and Open Source.

In Open Source and Linux GIMP is very Nice Alternative to Photoshop.

Didn’t check all other features but One feature which i like the most and was looking from Long long time, Now Its Included and That Feature is Single-Window Mode.

GIMP 2.8 Startup Screen
GIMP 2.8 Startup Screen

Why GIMP 2.8 and What are the New Features ?

1. Most Famous and Useful Feature Single-Window Mode.

Single-Window Mode
Single-Window Mode

2. GIMP 2.8 is very fast than any other version.

3. Tabbing Feature, If You open New Window then it will open New Tab Instead of New Window.

Tab Window GIMP
Tab Window GIMP

4. New Tool : CAGE Transform Added.

New Tool:  Cage Transform GIMP
New Tool: Cage Transform GIMP


A Nice Video which explain Feature of Cage-Transform, Have a look at Following video for Cage Transform Tool :-

There must be many other features but in Quick time i have mentioned those features which clicked on Mind very quickly.

This How to will guide you for following things :-

1) Installation GIMP 2.8 on Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin Linux

2) Using GIMP with Single Window Mode ( like Photoshop )

=> To Install GIMP 2.8 on Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin Linux Execute Following Command :-

root@tejasbarot-linux-ahmedabad:~ # sudo add-apt-repository ppa:otto-kesselgulasch/gimp

root@tejasbarot-linux-ahmedabad:~ # sudo aptget update

root@tejasbarot-linux-ahmedabad:~ # sudo apt-get install gimp

=> To Start Using GIMP into Single-Window Mode,

=> Open GIMP

=> Click on Window -> Single-Window Mode

Following Screenshot will help you to configure for Single-Window Mode

Switch to Single-Window Mode
Switch to Single-Window Mode


Hope this will helps you all. Let me have feedback on the same.

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Enjoy Linux 🙂 Enjoy GIMP 🙂 Enjoy Designing 🙂 Enjoy Open Source 🙂

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