Google Hangout: Shri Narendra Modi Live | Super Man from Gujarat | Super Man of India | Gujarat’s Chief Minister


This post is something different from Linux and Open Source. But Surely Related to Technology of Gujarat, In Fact technology of India.

In India, There are so many politicians who even do not know what is internet and what is computer.

But There is One Chief Minister of Gujarat Mr. Narendra Modi who always connected to Technology and Who always tries to Communicate with his people of Gujarat His People of India.

This is very proud moment for all of Gujaratis as well as each and every Indian that in this whole world only Three politicians have Done Google Hangouts and Shri Narendra Modi is one of them.

Following Politicians have done Google Hangout :-

1. US President Barack Obama

2. Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard

3. Gujarat’s Chief Minister and Future Prime Minister Of India Shri Narendra Modi

More Proud for us is Shri Narendra Modi is The First Indian Politician who have done Google Hangout.

I feel he will remain only one Politican in India because all other politicians are very poor at Computer and Internet. Some of them are against Internet and Social websites CAN YOU BELIVE IT ??????? But Shri Narendra Modi is not like that so Don’t worry.

Shri Narendra Modi’s Google Hangout anchoring has been done by Mr. Ajay Devgan, A Very Famous Actor of India Hosted the show.

Google Hangout is the technology where you can talk face-to-face with your family and friends, Shri Narendra Modi Communicates with his Gujarat and India’s people.

This is must watch video of Mr. Narendra Modi who is CEO of Gujarat, A Super man of Gujarat for Super India.

Narendra Modi Ji’s Google Plus Hangout Video :-

I Just want to tell Youngsters of India that Please be on a side of Mr. Narendra Modi and Gujarati Please support Narendra Modi for years and years to get a Growth of Gujarat for Growth of India.

If Shri Narendra Modi is presented for Prime Minister of India then I want to request to all of you that vote for Mr. Narendra Modi to become Prime Minister of India as fast and as soon as possible to change India’s Image in front of whole world. And this is the only man who can take India a Long ahead in Technology world.

Google Hangout Video of Your Questions to Shri Narendra Modi :-


Official Website of Shri Narendra Modi :-

Official YouTube Channel of Shri Narendra Modi :-

Read More on Shri Narendra Modi’s Hangout :-

I am sure this is a very proud moment for Each and Every Indian and Each and Every Gujaratis wherever they are.

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