Send SMTP email from Command Line Linux / SSMTP / GMAIL

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It is not possible that on every Single System there is mail server available.

There is no mail server configured on your System and You want to send e-mail using SMTP Authentication then you can send mail by ssmtp utility.

You can use the Same Method for RHEL / CentOS / Fedora / Ubuntu.

So In this Article, I will show you that How can can send e-mail using Gmail Authentication using SMTP.


In this Article, We will use utility called SSMTP.

SSMTP RPM / DEB / Package Must be installed to Use this utility.

To Perform this HowTo :-

Step 1. You have to be root to Install and Perform this Howto.

Step 2. Open the ssmtp.conf in /etc/ssmtp/ssmtp.conf and Add the Following lines as per your requirement.

[root@linux-support-tejas-barot-ahmedabad ~]# vim /etc/ssmtp/ssmtp.conf 

Add the Following Configurations to /etc/ssmtp/ssmtp.conf and SAVE and EXIT

Step 3. Now Let’s say Now You want to send a Particular message. Like :-

Subject will be “Check the Server Health” and Body will be your “Cannot Access Server“.

So For the same Create a File called /root/message.txt and Add Following content to file :-

[root@linux-support-tejas-barot-ahmedabad ~]# vim /root/message.txt
Subject: Check the Server Health
Cannot Access Server

Step 4. Now to Send an e-mail Execute Following command :-

Syntax is ssmtp -vvvv < <message-file>

[root@linux-support-tejas-barot-ahmedabad ~]# ssmtp -vvvv < message.txt

That’s IT

Hope this will helps you all, If you face any issue regarding the same or its not working for your some how then please raise your questions / issues then comment down below.

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  1. Thanks for useful information.
    I’d like to learn that is it possible to define variables(like system variables or command arguments) inside ?

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