Samsung Galaxy Grand (i9082)

Download Drivers: Samsung Galaxy Grand (i9082) as USB Mass Storage on Windows XP

Hello All,

First of All Sorry to Post the Windows HowTo on Linux and Open Source blog, But Some how it is related to open source and Open Source People who uses Android ( Samsung Galaxy Grand i9082). By Following this article You will able to Access Samsung Galaxy Grand i9082 as USB Mass Storage Device. I feel so Odd to post the same on Linux and Open Source Blog but It will help to Android Users that’s the reason Posting here, Sorry Again.

Samsung Galaxy Grand (i9082)
Samsung Galaxy Grand (i9082)

I was suffering from last 2 or 3 days, Whenever I attached Samsung Galaxy Grand (i9082), it was Showing “Connecting as Media Device (MTP)” and Windows XP was asking for Drivers, and I have not received any CD / DVD in Mobile Box, I went to the Show Room / Service Center for the Drivers and they replied that it is not Compatible on Windows XP.

I have googled a Bit and Found a Solution, Solution is not a Rocket Science but Just to Install Drivers. I found those Drivers at but I am uploading it on My Blog because if Softpedia remove the link then also it can be useful for Other, Thanks to for the Drivers.

On Windows 7 and Linux, Drivers are not needed, It is plug and play, But for Windows XP You required Drivers.

Just Click on Link Below to Download Drivers for Samsung Galaxy Grand for Windows XP :-

Once Download is finished, Just Double-Click on exe file and Click on Next -> Next, Once Its Installed Successfully, You can Attach your Samsung Galaxy Grand (i9082) Device on Windows XP and It will Show as USB Mass Storage instead of MTP.

Link from Where I have downloaded Drivers :-

That’s IT.

Enjoy Samsung Galaxy Grand i9082 🙂

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29 thoughts on “Download Drivers: Samsung Galaxy Grand (i9082) as USB Mass Storage on Windows XP”

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  2. HI
    I did download the same. But still its not getting connected as storage devise.
    What i need to do next ????

  3. hey tejas i downloading this software but also problem when attache usb cable throe mobile please help me bro!!!

  4. I Worked on Linux, Never Worked on Windows 8 ! Not even on Windows 7 Much… But posted this as i was facing issue with Windows XP and even Service center did not reply properly So.. But surely i will try and let you know.

  5. i am using windows 8. can you help me how will i be able to connect my galaxy grand i9082 with it in mass storage mode.

  6. Thanks very much. I was desparate until I found your article. It works just perfect.
    Tanks and keep on helping!

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