Youtube-dl: Download Youtube Videos in Ubuntu using Command Line

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We all Know How Youtube is popular for Videos. We also know that, There are many other ways to download Videos from Youtube and it is easy too.

I was searching a Utility to Download Youtube video in Ubuntu ( 11.10,12.04,12.10,13.04 ) @ Ubuntu Software Center. I got a very nice utility called, youtube-dl.

I am not sure whether the same utility is available on Fedora too, But It might be possible youtube-dl rpm is available on Fedora/RHEL/CentOS, Procedure will be same whether it’s Fedora/CentOS/RHEL or Ubuntu.

Youtube-dl is very easy to use and Download videos from

Just Showing example one or two commands that How you can download Videos from YouTube using Command line.

Step 1 :- To Install Youtube-dl on Ubuntu :-

tejas-barot@linux-ubuntu-youtube-dl:~$ sudo apt-get install youtube-dl

Step 2 :- To Download Video from YouTube, Have a Look at Picture for Output of this command :-

tejas-barot@linux-ubuntu-youtube-dl:~$ youtube-dl

Step 3 :- To Download Low Quality Video, Execute Following Command :- 

tejas-barot@linux-ubuntu-youtube-dl:~$ youtube-dl -f worst

That’s it. By Following this Method You can Download Youtube video using command line on Linux.

Hope this will helps you all, If you face any issue regarding the same or its not working for you some how then please raise your questions / issues at

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Enjoy Videos 🙂 Enjoy YouTube 🙂 Enjoy Ubuntu 🙂 Enjoy Linux 🙂 Enjoy Open Source 🙂

2 thoughts on “Youtube-dl: Download Youtube Videos in Ubuntu using Command Line”

  1. I followed the instructions above to install and use youtube-dl, but when I run the app, this keeps happening and don’t know where to look to fix it.

    # youtube-dl -f worst
    [youtube] Setting language
    [youtube] nUo-oATZ8BI: Downloading video info webpage
    [youtube] nUo-oATZ8BI: Extracting video information
    ERROR: format not available for video

    Would it be my video driver/display or? other?


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