Reviewed: Linux Shell Scripting Cookbook, Second Edition


As I have already posted that I am Reviewing book on Shell Scripting and Today I am Done with Reviewing. I have gone through the Book, Read Almost all Chapters but Yes Some Chapters i have not gone in So much Depth, In Few I just have Gone through Some Commands and Login.

I Liked Book So much and Specially I like the way Book Written, It is So Simple way that Anybody can Understand it well and Easy to Understand Some Logics.

Following are the Highlighted Points Which I liked the Most and Impressed by :-

1. Writing of the Book, Writing is So Simple and Easy to Understand of Even Beginner.

2. Chapters Designed very well and Specially Few Chapters are Very Well Explained and Many Topics which you will Impress by.

3. First Chapter of the Book is So Impressive and Nice Variable and Logics and It’s In a Real Meaning called “Shell Something Out.” Well Commented and Explained Command Lines.

4. Chapter 6 is all about Backup and Utilities and Most of the Linux People Knows How To take a Backup Manually, But It is awesomely Demonstrated in Chapter 6 with Scripting.

5. Chapter 8 is about Monitoring, If you are Concern about System Monitoring then this Chapter is your Friend.

Many things are wonderful in the book, Some Chapters are really nice for Hands On but I cannot explain each and everything Here, For this I would request you to Buy this First and Second Edition of the Book if you are really Looking for Some Good Training on Script. I am sure you will not be disappointed.

Link for Second Edition :- Linux Shell Scripting Cookbook, Second Edition

Thanks for chance given to me to review the Book, Looking forward for more if given chance.

Hope My Reviews Helps you to find Better Shell Scripting Books.

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