Installing Fedora 10

Hi Friends,

I am sharing steps to Install Fedora 10 Step-by-Step i hope you like it.

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1.Setup your First Boot Device CD/DVD From BIOS.

2.This is First Screen will appears when your Computer Boots from CD / DVD.

3.If you Press Enter to Install Fedora 10 then this Screen will appear

4.  This screen tell you to Test your Media or Start Installation without Testing media.(If your media is old then i prefer test it because without checking your media if you start installation then may be you will get some error and your installation will cancelled)

5. After Media Checking You will see this Screen.This screen Detects your Graphic Card and Start Graphical Installation

6. This is your first screen of Graphical Installation. Click Next to Continue Installation

7. Select Language which you like to use for the Installation and Click Next.

8. Select your Keyboard for your System and Click Next to Continue.

9. Now Set your hostname here and Click Next to Continue.

10. Now Select Your Time Zone by Moving Your Mouse or you can also select from Scroll and Then Click Next to Continue if you dont want to use UTC (Universal Time Clock) then Remove Tick From System Using  UTC.

11. Enter Your root password.Select Complex i suggest.Then Click Next to Continue.

12. If Your Partition table is unreadable of Hard Disk is Blank then only this screen will appear if this is not appear then dont worry move to next step

12. Now From Here You can select how you want to make partitions there are 4 types available you can see this in snapshots. You can also Encrypt your file system.I Prefer that select Create Custom Layout and Make partition as your requirement.

13. If your Hard Disk is not having any partitions then your partition table will look like following snapshots

14. First Create Boot Partition. I Prefer 200 MB is enough for /boot partition but you can define as per your requirement. After assigning size click OK.

15. Now Create /home partition as per your requirement.I am assigning 10 GB Here. After assigning Size and then Click OK.

16. Now Create Swap partition.Swap partitions size should be double size of your RAM size.

17. Now wait is over lets create /  Partition.Now assign size as per your requirement.Then Click OK. (Dont Give 200MB as in Snapshot its just for an example)

18. Now Your Partition Table will Look like this.Click Next

19. If you are sure then Click On Write Changes to Disk and if you are not sure then click on Go Back. Screen will Look Like this.

20. By Clicking on Write Changes to Disk this will format the partitions.Screen will look like this.

21. Once Format Completes then you will able to see Grub Screen.If you have windows Installed then Windows Entry will show you automatically.But in My Case Only Linux. If you want to setup password for Grub then you can setup by applying tick on USE BOOTLOADER PASSWORD.then Click on Next.

If you want to setup grub password manually then follow this link: –

22. Now The Package screen will appear if you want to customize packages later on then just click on Next.or If you select customize now then Look at step 23.

23. If you click on Customize now then you will come to see below screen.Here a great collection of packages Select and Click Next.

24. Whether if you click on Customize Later or Customize Now after clicking on next then it will start checking Dependencies.

25. When Dependencies checking process comes to an end then it will start installation.Look at below screen.

26. Now it will transfer image to your hard drive.Look at Below Screen.

27. Now Just Sit back and Relax its Starting to Install Packages Fedora 10 on you computer.Have a look at Package Installation Screen.

28.WOW !!! Installation Complete.But still some steps remain.Click on Reboot and then Remove your media or Select Hard Disk on First Boot Device from BIOS.

29.  This is the Booting Screen of Your Brand New Fedora 10.Just wait and let it complete Loading…….

30. Here is your First Welcome Screen of Fedora.Click Forward to Continue…

31. Now this is your Liscence Screen.Read it carefully and Click Forward to Continue.

32. Now Create one User here.You have to Create one user because in fedora 10 there is no root gui login enabled.Click forward to continue

I suggest that dont login as root but if you want to enable root login anyway then follow below link:-

33. Now look at timings if there is not right time shows then adjust your time here and click forward to continue.

34. Now here is Last Step.This is your computer’s Hardware profile.I suggest that send your profile because it helps to fedora devloper to improve more.There is not must to send but i prefer that you send your profile.Click on Finish.

35. Here is your Login Screen You will able to see user here which you created.Look at screen below.

36. Now Lets come to an end.Login Successfull and Your Final will look like this.

Enjoy Fedora 10 🙂

15 thoughts on “Installing Fedora 10”

  1. hi

    Gr8 job man, nice blog,

    You know how to install Big Blue Button(BBB) on RHEL5?

    Vishal Vyas
    Linux Admin

  2. Hi
    Thank you very much for this great tutorial. It help me to know how to install fedora10 dual boot with xp.
    great work…thank you again….

  3. Hi,
    Its the problem of MBR (Master Boot Record) i think.

    Execute Following commands into your grub prompt :-
    grub> root (hd0,0)
    grub> setup (hd0)
    grub> quit

    then reboot your system may you go threw.and still this doesnt work for you than just boot from live CD/DVD and just send me output of /boot/grub/grub.conf and fdisk -l command.

  4. When I done installing ,then it\’s automatically reboot it’s self like you show in step 28 but after rebooting I got the message like this
    GNU GRUB version 0.97 (636K lower / 2094974k upper memory )
    [ Minimal BASH- like line editing is supported. For the first word, TAB List possible command completions. Anywhere else TAB lists the possible completions of device? filename.]
    Please help me how to do this is my first time to install fedora 10 Linux , I will be waiting for your answer

  5. Thanks Randy,

    If you dont want GUI then you go to custom configuration and Just Uncheck All the options from Desktop Environment options.
    For Minimum Installation You can uncheck Office/Productivity (if you dont need office),Sound/Video,Games from Applications.

    I think by unchecking this all option which i mentioned you will be able to install very minimum Fedora10 without GUI mode

    Hope it helps to you 🙂

  6. Thanks, a very clear explanation on the tutorial. It’s very nice of you to spend your time making this tutorial.

    I want to know, if I want to install fedora10 with the minimum installation(I don’t need GUI) Which packet should I checked and which packet should I unchecked ? I want the smallest fedora that I can get.

    Thanks for your time. Regards,


  7. Thank you very much for this well done tutorial. It helped me especially with the partitioning process. I wonder how you capture those screen shots, is it some kind of utility program?
    Linux has come a long way in recent years with the Live CDs. It is so nice to be able to try them out first. After trying several distros, I found Fedora 10 and Mandriva One 2009 to install on both a desktop and laptop without problems or tweaking.
    Regarding firewalls, many didn’t pass the stealth test at ShieldsUp ( Fedora 10 was the only one I tested that was 100% stealth.
    Thanks again for the great blog and how-tos.

  8. Thank you for the above information
    I will try this in my system,I think it will be useful to me
    If any latest news on linux, please mail me
    thank you

  9. Hi Perera Thanks for your comment.

    If You want to install Fedora without affecting your xp then you have to following things :-

    warning :- If You get any Notification like Erase All Data Just Select NO.
    1. First Be sure that you have got some unpartitioned or free space to install fedora 10.
    2. Do 13 as I mentioned in above steps.
    3.You will able to see NTFS or FAT partition which is your windows partition.So Dont change anything into it.
    4.Select Free space and create linux partition by following above steps.
    5.Write Changes to Disk.
    6.Here at Step 21 you are able to see only one entry because i dont use Windows I just installed Fedora 10 Only.But In Your Case You will able to see two entries Like :-
    Fedora /partition/number
    7.Click on Next and after that Do all Steps as i mentioned above your Fedora and XP both will work

    I Suggest Take backup First.Be careful read all notifications carefully.Dont be in Hurry.

    Hope its work for you Enjoy.Let Me know if you still not get it.Let ME know.

  10. First of all I than ke’d for your advise. pl.. I want to know how to
    Run the Federo- 10 with xp in same disk.(Dual booting) pl..
    give the full deails regarding above subject . I am waiting for
    your reply as soon as possible. Xp also already installed my
    pc I want to know install the federo-10 without interrupition

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