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Ubuntu 9.04 Alpha boots in 21.4 seconds

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Launchpod 15 – Launchpad’s going open source!

Launchpod: the Launchpad team po

Launchpad will be open source on the 21st July this year!

Karl Fogel joined the Launchpad team recently as the Launchpad Ombudsman. Find out what that unusual job title means and hear Karl talk about the Launchpad team’s plans for going open source, our new development wiki and how we’re planning to build a community process around the newly open source Launchpad.

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Google Talks Chrome 2.0 and the Delay for Mac/Linux Compatibility

Google Talks Chrome 2.0 and the Delay for Mac/Linux Compatibility

Google is now inviting users to give Chrome 2.0 Pre-Beta a test run. In an effort to confuse many users, Chrome will be going from a 0.2 version release straight to 2.0.

The Chromium Developer Documentation site has a listing of all of the new features in 2.0. Here are a few of the more exciting features (in order of how exciting I find them):

Support for user scripts/Greasemonkey scripts

Could this be the beginning of a transition to plugins in Chrome? This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. Chrome has always been second fiddle for my browsing needs because of its lack of add-on features. See the developer documentation for details.

Browser profiles

The ability to setup multiple browser profiles is a great new feature. You can setup a homepage, bookmarks, browser history for each profile you create (i.e. work, school, gaming, etc.). The Google System blog adds that you don’t need to close your browser to switch profiles, either, all you need to do is open a new window in that profile.


How many times have you found yourself clicking the middle mouse button in hopes of autoscroll kicking in? Chrome has finally fixed that issue and autoscroll will be available in the next release (and in the pre-beta if you are so inclined.)

New SafeBrowsing implementation

Just kidding, I prefer to surf on the dangerous side. They did update it to be faster and more reliable, though.

What’s the status of Mac/Linux compatibility?

According to Softpedia, Google Chrome needs ‘Common Code on Mac and Linux’ before they can make it available. It appears that it is still a work in progress and Google admits that progress is lagging behind.

Read the official release notes for more great features coming to Chrome.

Ready to start experimenting with Chrome 2.0? All you need to do is subscribe to the developer preview channel and wait for the new version to download. You can also force the download by opening the “About Google Chrome” dialogue under the settings menu.

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Laptop-armed police to scour for unsecured Wi-fi

The next time you see a Mumbai policeman on the streets with a laptop, do not doubt his hi-tech credentials for he is on a mission.

In the backdrop of terror e-mails being sent before and after some of the serial blasts in the country last year, the Mumbai police has launched a novel drive to help its men search for unsecured Wi-Fi connections at various locations in this metropolis.

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