AWS : EC2 | EBS | Default VPC | IAM | Security Group

Hello everyone,

This post is to share quick updates of changes which Amazon Web Services (AWS) has recently improved/implemented.

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1. AWS Default VPC : Now you no need to rely or contact AWS support in case you removed default VPC accidentally or intentionally. You can now create Default VPC using AWS console or using AWS CLI.

Follow this link to create default VPC :

2. Attach IAM Role to EC2 Instance : Previously You have to attach IAM Role to EC2 instance at time of creating EC2 Instance but now as per the recent official announcement from AWS, You can now attach IAM role to existing EC2 Instances as well. (I have tested this and it really works well)

Follow this link to read official announcement + HowTo :

3. Security Groups : Previously, It was difficult to manage security groups as we had to maintain separate description and records whose ip we have allowed and why !! Now You can add description fot each and every rule you add in security groups which will help us in managing security group in much better way. This just brilliant, Thanks AWS

Official announcement from AWS :

4. EC2 and EBS per second billing : Previously, On demand Instances charges were calculated on per hour basis, Now save money and Enjoy per second billing

Link to official announcement :

That’s it on recent and very important announcements from AWS.

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