My First Views on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 beta 2 | RHEL 6 beta 2 Release

Hello Frineds,

This post is regarding New Major Release from Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is a very stable product and very well in Market. This is a Great Product I Must say. As I heard that Red Hat going to release enterprise version 6. So I have installed it’s latest release Version 6 and beta 2. I know this is very early to say and in Future lots of things going to Improve.

Below is the some feature which i have noticed at first time installation.

Advantage As my Point of view :-

1. A Wonderful Graphic Installer. Completely Different from RHEL 5 ( Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5).

2. You will get a Network Manager to Configure your Network during Installation.

3. A Very nice package selection Menu.

4. Totem and Some audio Players and video players given into Media.

5. If you choose Server installation during Installation time. You will not get GUI screen.

6. As MTA Postfix is default instead of sendmail.

There is no disadvantage find as such. But You can read some below topics :-

1. If you are a Fedora user. Then you will find common GUI. You will not find any difference in graphic between Fedora 13 and RHEL 6.2 instead of RED HAT LOGO.

2. You need some what high configuration compare to RHEL 5 if you choose to install GUI.

3. Installation i find bit slow comapre to RHEL 5.

4. Disappointment for Sendmail MTA Users.

As I mentioned earlier in this post this is very early to say because it’s still beta but RHEL 6 is going to Rock………. Waiting for Mega Release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (RHEL 6).

Keep visiting this blog for may more posts about RHEL 6.

I hope you all guys like this post. Let me have your suggestion, You views on RHEL 6.2 if you have tested or used it. Even let me know if you differ from my point of view.

Waiting for your feedback Guys…….

All Comments accepted. Enjoy RHEL 6.2 Beta 🙂

5. If you choose Server installation during Installation time. You will not get GUI screen.

Google Chrome (Beta) for Linux Is Officially Available


Though Linux users could test the popular browser for a couple of months through unofficial Chromium builds, yesterday, June 4th, Google announced the first official release of Google Chrome for Linux. The version is still very unstable and lacks a lot of features.

One of Chrome’s main advantages over other web browsers is the way it handles tabs as separate processes. Why is this important? Well, if a web page crashes, it doesn’t take the whole browser with it, but only the tab it was opened in, significantly increasing overall stability.

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