Thank You India for making Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India

Hello All,

Firstly I would like to Congratulate Shri Narendra Modi for becoming Next Prime Minister of India.

This Election was special, tough and very Surprising for not only Political parties but also People of India. Specially This election was toughest for BJP as BJP was struggling to get into the power from Last 10 years, But i will not go much in detail about politics.

I want to Thank You India and Specially want to Thank India for Rejecting “Communalism Vs Secularism, Anarchists, Anti Nationalists, Negative Campaigning and many more”. Other side I want to thank Shri Narendra Modi and BJP for sticking to Development and Governance agenda in this election. Congratulations to BJP and Narendra Modi for getting Positive Mandate of India.

I am quickly moving on to the Subject and I want to Thank People of India for Electing Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India. What more important is People of India elected Shri Narendra Modi smartly and with huge responsibility, After 30 years People of India given Clear Mandate, Given Majority to BJP and more than 50% seats to Only BJP and NDA is 330+ seats. So India chosen Strongest government after 30 years.

Prime Minister of India
Prime Minister of India

I want to Thank People of India for giving Majority to Shri Narendra Modi and BJP. Strong government for India was Much needed and I am very happy that People of India understood this very well and choosing Modi/BJP clearly, We have seen governments from last 30 years with inside or outside support which obviously stops and develops India slowly.

This Government is now in Clear Majority and This government will not work in any pressure and More importantly We have Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India who is very well known for Development, Good Governance, Decision maker and quick decision maker. Now I am very sure that One India will be Best India and Developed India.

Being Gujarati I have seen Development and Governance under Shri Narendra Modi in Gujarat as Chief Minister and I want to assure people of India that You will never feel that you have voted for wrong person, This person will make your Vote’s value count and will make “Bhavya and Divya Bharat“.

In just few years, I am sure we will proudly say that “Every Part of India is Secure, India is Developed, We have the best Governance, We have PM who takes quick and right Decisions”.

One more time, Thank You India for Making Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India and Voted for Governance and Development. CongratsNamo.

Last but not the Least, I want to Congratulate campaigning and advertising team of BJP for doing positive campaign like “Achche Din Aane walen Hain”, “Ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkaar”.

Victory Speech of Prime Minister of India from Ahmedabad :-


Be a “Narendra Modi” Voter | My Appeal to Vote for Modi

First of All Sorry to all those who follows my Blog only for Linux and Open Source HowTos and Article. Sorry for CONgress and Aam Aadmi Party followers who follows my blog too !

Hello Indians,

I am writing this article to Support Shri Narendra Modi ji as Next Prime Minister of India. Narendra Modi ji is contesting this election only on Development, Governance and Corruption issues and more importantly He is presenting Gujarat Development and Governance Model to Country’s people.

I am an Indian First, So First as a Indian and Secondly as a Gujarati, I am appealing to all voters of India to Vote for Shri Narendra Modi. I can write so many things about Shri Narendra Modi’s work and his development.

Narendra Modi


What is the Aam Aadmi’s need in India !?

1. 24 hour Uninterpreted power supply. (24 hour electricity)

2. Enough water.

3. Good Roads, Good Highways

4. Internal Security.

5. Women Security.

6. Development.

7. Big Industries to invest and increase employment.

8. Give importance to e-Governance.

9. “ZERO” tolerance on Corruption issues.

10. Importance to Technology.

11. End Politics of Communal Vs. Secular, Only Indians ( No Caste, No Dharma, No Riots, nothing)

12. Bring Black Money back to the Country.

From Point 1 to Point 11 all points implemented successfully by Shri Narendra Modi in Gujarat, 12th point is issue of Central Government and I am sure he will bring all Black money back to the country !

Many more things done by Shri Narendra Modi in Gujarat, Above 12 points are very basic which India needs and needs it badly. If you vote for Shri Narendra Modi, I am sure after 60 months, above 10 points will never be a part of any party’s manifesto.

Congress was in Power for 60 years, they did nothing.

Rahul Gandhi is very inexperienced and He has not done anything to show as his benchmark.

Arvind Kejriwal is just fresher, inexperience and ran away from his responsibility inĀ  just 49 days.

Shri Narendra Modi is handling Gujarat 12+ year with so much criticism, My Request to all Indian “Responsible” voter is “Lets give Shri Narendra Modi a one chance for 60 months and He will change the Our country.”

Congress & Rahul Gandhi did “Vikas Khoj Yatra” and they failed.

Avind Kejriwal did “Gujarat Tour”, he failed and he lied about Gujarat and its development.

As an Aam Aadmi of India, I would like to say, I have experienced Superb Governance and Awesome Development in Gujarat, I am sure if people of India will vote for Narendra Modi, he will work for Development, Governance and all the basic issues.

So Let’s all Says, Ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkaar, and Yes, If you will be a “Modi” Voter, Achche Din Pakke se Aane wale Hain.

Let’s make Mission272+ Successful and even better by giving 300 seats to BJP for better India.

Jai Hind Guys, Please Vote for Change, Vote For India, Vote for Shri Narendra Modi and make sure Ab Ki Baar 300 paar.

More important, If you even don’t like any candidate Just go and Vote, but please please please celebrate biggest Indian Democracy festival.

India is largest Democracy of the WORLD. Let’s go out and VOTE.