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Hello All,

This is a Informative Post for Ahmedabad/Gandhinagar Gujarat’s Users. Sorry If its Not useful for you.

My First post on e-Voting in Ahmedabad was a Success and Readers liked it so much, I have got so many response from you guys Specially Gujaratis and Indians…. Thanks to you all guys.

To Cast your Vote Online Click on this link :-
Toll Free Help Line Number 1800 258 2501 If you are facing any Difficulties.

Let me know your experience with your comments. Thanks.

Election Commission Announce that Gandhinagar Municipal Commission Election will be Online. e-Voting and e-Polls are getting so much famous and easier in Gujarat.

Again this is a Good News for Gujaratis……. Ahmedabadis…. and Of Course Indian………..

This time One more e-Voting will be conduct in Gujarat and I guess this time it will be a Big Election on Internet of India.

Its Expected that Now In Gujarat, e-Voting was introduced before Few Months ago for Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and It was a Success of Gujarat E-Voting.

Now Again, E-Voting is back for Gujarat, This Time its for Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation.

E-Voting is really helpful and Very easy for those who know about Internet and Those who are some what we can say a Senior Citizen.

Again This E-Voting in Ahmedabad  | Gandhinagar | Gujarat was initiated by Gujarat’s Very Famous and Gujarat’s LOKLADILA Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. We as Gujarati very Thankful to Him for applying Technology and make people aware of it.

Process to Register for e-Voting Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation :- You Have to Fill up form and you have to submit form and Documents to Election Commission. The form can be downloaded from the website:

To Visit State Election Commission Website You can visit this link :-

We are just waiting for it to apply for all kind of Elections whether it is small election or BIG one. This is a Request to Mr. Narendra Modi and Gujarat State Election Commission that Please apply it on all Election as soon as possible.

Enjoy e-Voting 🙂 Enjoy e-Vote 🙂 Register your e-Vote 🙂 Khushboo Gujarat Ki…… 🙂

Enjoy Linux & Open Source 🙂


e-Voting In Gujarat | Internet Voting in Gujarat | Online Voting Gujarat | Gujarat Elections | India

Hello Friends,

In India, You have to get into long queue to make your vote count, But In Gujarat i think this is the revolution which is going to take place in all over the India, Gujarat Municipal Corporations Election is going to be on Internet, Wow Isn’t this great????

As I am in IT Field I would like to share this news all over the world, That in India Gujarat Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi taken a nice initiative for e-Voting for the first time in India ( I don’t know about the rest of the world)

This is very nice concept, This is called a use of Technology, This Project is the first time in India and will make proud to all of us, I Hope every state should think on this so voters feel interesting and start voting by wasting time.

This election is for Municipal Corporations but Hoping to See this kind of elections for all other purpose.

I as Gujarati feeling so much proud that this kind of initiative started from Gujarat only, Thanks to Gujarat’s very popular Chief Minister for applying his mind on such a huge topic and taken initiative of e-Voting in India,

Thanks to Mr. Narendra Modi, A Chief Minister like Mr. Narendra Modi can only do this. We are lucky to having you as our C.M. ( Common Man)