Fedora 15 with GNOME 3 Lovelock or Bug-Lock ?? | Linux | Fedora 15

Hello Guys,

I Feel very exciting every time when there is a new release of Fedora Linux. and this time i was double-excited to see Fedora 15 Lovelock with GNOME 3.but it became BUG-LOCK FOR me alteast, Don’t know about other FEDORA USERS.

I am Highly Disappointed by this Fedora 15 Lovelock release. As a User I found so many bugs in Fedora 15 Lovelock. Some Fedora Fans may not like this post but this is true. Lets hope Fedora 16 will the be an answer.

In Compare to Ubuntu 11.04 I give full marks to Ubuntu this time though i am not a Ubuntu User but yes I started Using Ubuntu from 2 or 3 months and its good if you compare with Fedora 15 Lovelock.

This Post doesn’t mean that I Don’t like Fedora’s All version but Yes Fedora 15 Lovelock is Very disappointment for me personally.

Sometime I Feel is this Fedora 15 Lovelock or Bug-Lock ???

Right Now I am posting some bugs of Fedora 15 BUGLOCK over here, I don’t say everybody is getting same bugs or it apply to everyone but bugs which i am mentioning right now those are Bugs which I am facing and I Feel so irritated by it. Those are very common things which you need to make your life faster to work. I have got following bugs while using Classic Gnome with Compiz Environment.

Please look at following list of Bugs which I am facing :-

1) You will get double-mount point on Your df -h even though you have turn off sandbox service. At first time while switching sandbox service this bug was fix but in next update it started again and now this BUG permanent don’t know when Fedora 15 developers realize

2) On Any Open Nautlius Window on Classic GNOME Environment If you press CTRL + SHIFT it will create problem in compiz and after that you will not able to see your MENU BARS on Nautilus Window. If you want MENU BARS back then every time you have to open terminal and have to execute compiz-gtk command. This is my habit to MAXIMIZE Window by Pressing CTRL + SHIFT + x.

3) Funny Thing which i found is :- ABRT ( Automatic Bug Reporting Tool) Is also getting problems once you start reporting problem, So You can’t submit your bug too. What is the use of ABRT then ?

4) IF you press shutdown button then instead of shutting down system it is getting Log-Out and after than I have to shutdown from Login Window ( This is random behavior). To make this very simple I have created keyboard shortcut so shutdown :(.

5) If you are Music Lover and If you are listening songs and Added So Many songs into your Movie Player ( Totem ) then BEWARE you will not able to save your playlist, Every time you have to add those Manually.

6) Nautilus Action Configuration tool is also not working. I have added one script (EnqueueInTotem) into Nautlius Action Configuration tool to make songs queue in Totem ( Movie Player). But It is also not working.

7) In Any Nautilus window if you press CTRL + F its start matching text of folders/files instead of Search Bar on Nautilus Window, Previously in Fedora 14 it was working fabulously.

8) You cannot quickly see properties by pressing ALT + ENTER, THIS IS MOST FRUSTRATING BUG.

Above bugs which i have mentioned are very common things which you need to make your linux computing very faster, But Fedora 15 Bug-Lock is not providing it. Even though  there are so many updates in Fedora 15 every two days and they are not fixing this kind of common bugs what’s the matter BOSS ?.

I don’t say every one is getting above bugs it is possible that i am the only one who faces above bugs. This is completely my view and list of bugs that doesn’t mean every body needs to feel this or need to react on this. This is my personal opinion may differ with others.

I am a Big Fedora Linux Fan and I like to use this distro very much but I am very disappointed with this release,I am very sorry to be very harsh on Fedora 15 Bug-Lock, Fedora 10-11-12-13-14 are much better than this. I Hope Next release of Fedora will be an answer and with Better Improvements.

If there is more bugs i will post it here in future but If you know also other bugs please comment it out here I will try to post it with your name and description.