Fedora 16 Verne and Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot | A Difference Between Terrible and Tremendous

Hello Guys,

I am mentioning all bugs and other things as per my view, It has nothing to do with anybody personally and I am sorry if any fedora user dosen’t like this post or get hurt by it.

Again Back with the Post on Both Releases Fedora 16 and Ubuntu 11.10. First of all Starting this post let me tell you all of that I was a Core Fedora and Red Hat Follower, I Didn’t like to use Ubuntu as i was feeling very User Friendly with Fedora till 9 to Fedora 14.

I have also mentioned In Previous Post that Fedora 15 with GNOME 3 Love-lock or BugLock ?? i am huge fedora follower and I was expecting so much with Fedora 16 with Gnome 3 but again majorly disappointed with Fedora 16 with GNOME 3.

I was keenly waiting for Fedora 16 Verne for a great performance and Great functionality and I hope most of the users who doesn’t like fedora 15 they were waiting for Fedora 16 but Fedora 16 came up with More Headache.

In Fedora 16 with Gnome 3 all bugs remain same and I think Fedora done a great Job with Fedora 16 verne is that they have added some more bugs or you can say a Functionality issues.

Now Let me clear My Subject for Terrible and Tremendous, Terrible means ( HORRIBLE, SCARY Fedora 16 Verne ) and Tremendous ( SUPERB and FANTASTIC Ubuntu 11.10 )

Look at Below Points why Fedora 16 Verne with Gnome 3 is TERRIBLE :-

1. First Let me start with Login Screen, On Fedora 16 Login Screen If you want to Login as a root or not listed User You cannot switch to that User By Pressing UP/DOWN Arrow which is the easiest method, If This will not work you can understand How Frustrating it is.

2. After Updated 3 or 4 Packages, If you try to search Application by Pressing ALT + F1, It will takes you to Log Out Screen and Fedora 16 will suggest you to Turn Off Some features but a good thing is that all those features was turn off and still it is suggesting to Turn Off and Crashing GNOME

3. You cannot Assign Shortcut Key with CTRL.

4. On Gnome Panel, There is no option to Show Weekday Month and Year.

5. If you have opened 6 screens and quickly if you want to move to Desktop, Then You cannot Switch to Desktop by Pressing CTRL+ALT+D

6. Wi-Fi Getting disconnected Again and again You have to reboot fedora. ( This may be because of hardware compatibility but i have never faced this From Fedora 10 to 14)

above things are very basic and frequently we work on that and if they are not working then its so frustrating. There are few more things but I dont remeber it. Will keep update it.

Look at Below Topics why Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot is Tremendous :-

1. Fantastic GUI Screen, It attracks you on First Time.

2. A Proper Working of Application Search From Dashboard and Good thing is that It is soo smooth and Fast.

3. A Very User Friendly Interface and Great Alerts with Opened Applications.

4. A Great Software Installer.

5. AAh…. How Can I Forget about Ubuntu One Personal Cloud ? Its Just Superb, No Words to Explain it.

6. Meno Enableing on Dragging Files/Folders, and Very Nice Management of Menu Bar on Mouse Hover.

There are so many more things that i can write about but it will make pages and pages.

One thing i would like to tell that I have now moved to Ubuntu from Now on Its very sad for me to Move but has to as there are no many waste of time to find tricks/tweaks and bug solutions for Fedora.

I Don’t say that this will applicable to all users but I am very sorry for Fedora followers who doesn’t like this post or not agree with me.

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Enjoy Ubuntu 🙂 Enjoy Linux 🙂 Enjoy Open Source 🙂