Howto: Install Google Android on PC | Google Android Live CD/USB

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As we all Know google Android already covered fantastic market in Mobile Phone’s World. Its Getting Famous and Famous Day by day. It is getting famous because its a Google Product, Open Source Product and More Specially its a Linux Based. So Every One is Enjoying it.

Right now there are so many mobile Companies with Google Android. Like Samsung Galaxy Series, MicroMax and Lots to come…… Lets wait and watch for more Android World.

Today I am going to Show you that how can you Run Google Andoid OS on your Linux Box Using VirtualBox. Every by following this howto you can Run Google Android on your system with Live CD/USB.

Remember by following this Howto you will able to boot Google Andoid OS Live CD/USB. It won’t affect to your system at all.

For performing these steps you need some basic knowledge of Installing RPM and Basic Friendly with VirtualBox.

Perform Following Steps to Install/Run Google Android OS on PC.

  1. Open Terminal. ( Click on Applications -> System Tools -> Terminal)
  2. In Terminal, Be as a root by executing su -. and Download VirtualBox from this link
  3. Install VirtualBox RPM as root and Exit from root prompt.
  4. Now Point your browser to and Download Google Andriod.You have to download two files. (i.e. liveandroidv0.3.iso.002 liveandroidv0.3.iso.001 ).
  5. Once Download gets finished execute Following command
    cat liveandroidv0.3.iso.002 liveandroidv0.3.iso.001 > google-android.iso
  6. Now open VirtualBox. ( Applications -> System Tools -> Oracle VirtualBox)
  7. Click on New -> In That New Window Type Linux -> Press Next -> Assign Amount of RAM you want to assign 512 -> Press Next
    -> Create New Hard Disk ->
    Press Next Again -> Now Select Dynamically expanding storage -> Press Next Again -> Now Define Location where you want to save Hard Disk and Select Size you want to assign -> Click on Finish -> Again click on Finish
  8. Now Click on File -> Virtual Media Manager. Here click on CD/DVD Images and Click on Add -> Assign path of ISO which we have created using cat command in above step. -> Now Press OK
  9. Click on Machine -> Settings. Here Click on Storage -> Under Storage Tree Click on Empty Under IDE Controller. On Right side you will able to see CD/DVD Device Click on Selection Box -> There you will find your Android ISO which we have added in above step. and Press OK.
  10. Make Sure your booting device is set to CD/DEVICE or you select whenever VirtualBox getting start.
  11. There it is. Now you are done. You are all set to boot live Google Andriod. Now Click on Start from VirtualBox and It will start booting your Google Andriod Live.

That’s it Guys. This is your Google Andriod Live on VirtualBox.

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