Howto: Installing HP LaserJet P1007 Printer on Linux | CentOS | Fedora | RHEL | Ubuntu


Today I am sharing some printer related things. By Following this how to you will able to use HP LaserJet P1007 into Linux.

Few days ago I buy a HP printer ( LaserJet P1007) and I faced the issue to configure in Linux as there were no Default drivers, So this howto is for them who wants to use Printer HP LaserJet P1007 from Linux.

As my all post i will warn you to do this at your own risk.

So lets start with the procedure.

Please perform Following steps to Install HP LaserJet P1007 on Linux | Fedora | Ubuntu | RHEL

1) Please become root to perform this steps 

2) First of All You need to download Drivers for HPLaserJet P1007, Execute Following Command :-

wget -O foo2zjs.tar.gz

3) Extract File which you download, Execute Following command :-

[root@tejas-barot-linux-ahmedabad ~]# tar zvxf foo2zjs.tar.gz

4) Once you are done with Extract, Please change your directory to “foo2zjs”
[root@tejas-barot-linux-ahmedabad ~]# cd foo2zjs

5) Now Execute Following Command to compile :-

[root@tejas-barot-linux-ahmedabad foo2zjs]# make

6) Once you get a prompt after executing above command successfully, Execute following command for HPLaserjet P1007 :-

[root@tejas-barot-linux-ahmedabad foo2zjs]# ./getweb P1007

7) Now Execute Following Command to Install Drivers :-

[root@tejas-barot-linux-ahmedabad foo2zjs]# make install

8) Once It is done successfully, If you want to execute some optional commands then Execute Following ( Its not compulsory, Its Optional ) :-

— To Configure with Hotplug

[root@tejas-barot-linux-ahmedabad foo2zjs]# make install-hotplug

— For Cups Compatible

[root@tejas-barot-linux-ahmedabad foo2zjs]# make cups

9) Cups users execute Following Command :-

[root@tejas-barot-linux-ahmedabad ~]# /etc/init.d/cups restart

10) That’s All. Now You can configure your printer through “system-config-printer”

I hope this will helps you all.

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