Download and Install imapsync rpm / v1.525 / RHEL / CentOS / 5.x / 6.x | 32-Bit | x86_64 ( 64-Bit)


As we already know that Imapsync is very useful and famous Utility and New Version of imapsync 1.525 is now available in Source Packages. (tar.gz, tgz, zip).

FYI :- I have created RPMs and made it available before EPEL and Now It is also Available with EPEL Testing Repository.

Using those source files i have created RPM for RHEL /CentOS / 5.x / 6.x for 32-bit and x86_64 bit architecture.

You can download theses RPMs using following link and You can start Using these RPMs.

I am really Happy to create and make these RPMs available for you guys.

If you found any issue with RPM or it is not working as expected you can please report your issues to

Download Imapsync version 1.525 RPM for RHEL 5 32-Bit / x86_64 ( 64-Bit ) Version :-

Download Imapsync version 1.525 RPM for RHEL 6 32-Bit / x86_64 ( 64-Bit ) Version :-

I hope this will helps you all and This is the latest version of Imapsync which i have compiled. I will try to upload every new version which is available. Keep Visiting Blog.

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Enjoy IMAPSYNc on RHEL / CentOS :) Enjoy Linux :) Enjoy Open Source :)