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Google Hangout: Shri Narendra Modi Live | Super Man from Gujarat | Super Man of India | Gujarat’s Chief Minister

Hello, This post is something different from Linux and Open Source. But Surely Related to Technology of Gujarat, In Fact technology of India. In India, There are so many politicians who even do not know what is internet and what is computer. But There is One Chief Minister of Gujarat Mr. Narendra Modi who always […]

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Narendra Modi: Sadbhavana Mission | Sadbhavana Fast – “Prayer for Unity of Gujarat and India” | Politics | Gujarat | India

Hello All, I am again Sorry for another non-technical post on Technical Blog.People who doesn’t like this post please ignore it and sorry again. As Indian and Specially As a Gujarati i have to post this. Movement Time Period : 17th Sep 2011 to 19th Sep 2011 From Now On, 17th September is known as […]

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