Howto: Installing BCM43224 Wireless Linux Drivers on RHEL / CentOS / 6.x / 32-Bit / 64-Bit (x86_64)

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Today I got a Laptop of Dell 1558 with CentOS 6.2 32-Bit Installed, Broadcom Wireless ( BCM43224 ) was not Installed by default.

So I have downloaded Drivers and Made it work on the same. This Procedure is for Fresh Installation of Broadcom Driver. 

Sharing the same HowTo, Document and Source files So you can easily install BCM43224 on CentOS 6.x

I have tried this on CentOS 6.2 32-Bit but same method will work for RHEL and CentOS 6.x / 32-Bit / 64-Bit architecture.

I have used Drivers which is available from their Official Website.

Please follow below steps to make Broadcom ( BCM43224 ) work on CentOS 6.x :-

1. You need to be a root to Install Module.

2. Now Execute Command to Install Packages which requires to Compile and Build Module.

[root@linux-support-ahmedabad-tejas-barot ~]# yum install gcc* compat-*

3. Now Make Directory and Download Drivers into that Directory.

[root@linux-support-ahmedabad-tejas-barot ~]# mkdir driver_bcm43224

[root@linux-support-ahmedabad-tejas-barot driver_bcm43224]#

3. Now Download Broadcom BCM43224 Drivers for CentOS / RHEL / 6.x / 32-Bit / x86_64 :-

For 32-Bit :- 

[root@linux-support-ahmedabad-tejas-barot driver_bcm43224]#  wget -c

For 64-Bit :- 

[root@linux-support-ahmedabad-tejas-barot driver_bcm43224]# wget -c

4. Now Extract Drivers.

For 32-Bit :- 

[root@linux-support-ahmedabad-tejas-barot driver_bcm43224]# tar zxvf hybrid-portsrc_x86_32-v5_100_82_112.tar.gz

For 64-Bit :- 

[root@linux-support-ahmedabad-tejas-barot driver_bcm43224]# tar zxvf hybrid-portsrc_x86_64-v5_100_82_112.tar.gz

5. Now Let’s Start Compile and Install Drivers For 32-Bit and 64-Bit.

To Compile :- 

[root@linux-support-ahmedabad-tejas-barot driver_bcm43224]# make

To Install Driver :- 

[root@linux-support-ahmedabad-tejas-barot driver_bcm43224]# cp wl.ko /lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel/net/wireless/

6. Execute Following Commands to Initialize and Make it Work  :-

[root@linux-support-ahmedabad-tejas-barot driver_bcm43224]# depmod

[root@linux-support-ahmedabad-tejas-barot driver_bcm43224]# modprobe wl

8. For Final Testing, Reboot your System once and Check. ( It will work without rebooting system).

7. That’s it, Now “Click NetworkManager Icon” and You will able to See Available Wireless Networks if any.

Check Official Read me :-

I hope this will helps you all, If you face any issue regarding the same or its not working for your some how then please raise your questions / issues then comment down below.

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