Howto:Moving/Transfer WordPress blog from Sub-Domain to Main Domain

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This Post is not related to Linux But Of Course it is related to Open Source and Related to Biggest Blogging Software on Earth WordPress.

Today I am posting one article for those who loves wordpress blog and they have started blogging on their sub-domain and now they want to move to their Main Domain/Top Level Domain.

This how to is tested on Local Environment So Requesting you to test on Local or non-production environment.

Below is the scenario of This Howto to move wordpress blog from subdomain to Main Domain :-

Lets guess the scenario that My Blog is running on and Now I want to move that blog to If this kind of scenario that you are looking for then you can migrate your blog from subdomain to Main domain by Following steps.

1) First of all backup your database and core files, so if anything goes nasty then you can recover it.

2) Now Open your WordPress Blog’s “Dashboard”.

3) Now in Your Dashboard go to Settings -> General

4) In General Tab you will find WordPress Address ( URL ) and Site Address ( URL), Right now you will able to see your sub-domain URL like as both Address.

5) Now Change WordPress Address ( URL ) and Site Address ( URL ) From your sub-domain to Main Domain. Kindly confirm it you don’t make a spelling mistake otherwise you won’t be able to recover, Still don’t worry you will not loose or lost anything you just need wordpress expert to fix this. So Make sure you will not make any mistake in Spelling.

For Example :-

Change from to in Both Addresses WordPress Address and Site Address.

If you are sure then only Click on Save Changes. Once you click on Save Changes then You will get “Page not found” Error. Don’t Get Panic.

6) This is the time to copy your wordpress core files from your sub-directory to Main Domains Directory.Don’t Move just Copy files.

For Example :- If your files and folders of current blog directory is /public_html/blog then Copy all files including .htaccess ( Its Hidden so make sure you copy this also) to /public_html folder. You change your folder according to your Environment its not compulsory that you’ll find same folder’s name. Kindly take a note of that.

7) That’s it. If Everything goes fine then You’ll able to see your WordPress Blog to your Top Level Domain.

Hope you all guys like it. Let me have feedback on this.

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