Install Google Voice & Video Chat using Official Google RPM | Fedora | RHEL | Linux

Hello Friends,

I was waiting for this day eagerly, After Release of Google Voice & Video chat in DEB file i was waiting for Google Official RPM for Voice & Video Chat. As i was unable to found i have tried so many things, Fortunately some things works smoothly unfortunately some not. But Now No need to do any tricks for Installing Google Voice and video chat on Fedora and RHEL Linux, Because of Huge demand from Fedora & RHEL users Google It self released Official RPM for Voice & Video Chat so it feels very Nice.

Still this is the very quick release so some bugs or problems may be there but its very good to see google for releasing very fast.

Follow below procedure to install Google Voice & Video Chat using Official Google RPM

1. You need to be root for doing this procedure.

2. Download Official RPM from below link :-

3. Once RPM Downloaded Just Execute below Command :-

rpm -ivh google-talkplugin_current-xxxx.rpm

4. If You face dependencies error then try to link your library files as per below instructions

# cd /usr/lib
# ln -s ../../lib/
ln -s
5. Once above procedure completed just close your firefox and Google Chrome and Reopen Firefox & Google Chrome.
Thanks Google for release RPM quick, Infact very quick.
Enjoy Google Voice & Video Chat on Fedora | RHEL 🙂 Enjoy Open Source 🙂 Enjoy Linux 🙂