Reviewing Book : Linux Shell Scripting Cookbook

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This post is regarding Linux Shell Scripting Book. Right now, I am reviewing Book with Title “Linux Shell Scripting Cookbook” with is published by [PACKT] Publishing.

Let me introduce you about Packt Publishing, Packt is one of the very nice publishers who is dealing with Open Source and Linux e-Books, They Publish content with Simplicity you’ll like to read it.

Nowadays, I am reviewing this “Linux Shell Scripting CookBook” From Packt Publishing, I mostly read about Linux and Open Source.

If You are Using Linux then Shell Scripting is the subject where you always want to learn new things and perform new things. It’s always a great experience with Shell Scripting.

Now It’s time to talk about Nice Dedicated book on Linux Shell Scripting, This Book Contains very nice content and demonstrated very nicely and This book contains most of the Scripting fundamentals and some nice trick also.

Linux Shell Scripting Cook Book
Linux Shell Scripting Cook Book

This book contains a very powerful Topics, And there are some interesting topics which you are definately going to like it and one thing which creates a more interest for this book is it’s Author who is Only 21 year old only and he wrote it very simply and nicely, You can understand it with ease. It’s Great to see young people like Sarath Lakshman who is writing nice books and publishing it. Keep it up.

So If you are thinking that Linux Shell Scripting is Very Tough and You cannot Perform it, Read this book and improve your Shell Scripting.

To Know about this nice book, Please visit this link :-

I am very Thankful to Sean Palanna from PACKT for approaching me to Review this very nice book on Linux Shell Scripting, Dont Forget to Comment your views.

Enjoy Linux 🙂 Enjoy Open Source 🙂 Enjoy Linux Shell Scripting CookBook 🙂