Howto: Installing TeamViewer 5/6 on Linux | Team Viewer | Fedora | RHEL | CentOS | Linux


Today I am explaining How to for Installing and Working with Team Viewer. This is howto performed on Free Version of Team Viewer.

Many People questioning about Team Viewer Availability and Compatibility on Linux. But I want to tell you guys that Forget this confusion and start Using Team Viewer on Linux. Because I am using it from last 6 Months andย  It is working Perfectly Fine.

I Found Many peoples who are using Team Viewer 5 with Wine or cross over,ย  I have also tried it but it is not that much successful. Many Times it got stuck up, disconnect and Many Problems.

It’s Possible that some people found this method very easy or some people already knows about it. But Still I want to show this howto, and want to make it open for world, So I am writing this howto for Installing and Configuring Team Viewer 5 on Linux.

This howto is Tested and working perfectly fine on Fedora 11 to 14, CentOS, RHEL ( Red Hat Enterprise Linux ) :-

Please perform following steps to Install Team Viewer 5 on Linux | Fedora | RHEL | CentOS | Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

1) Open Terminal. ( Click on Applications -> System Tools -> Terminal ). For, Red Hat and CentOS you can also Open by Right Click on Desktop and Click on Open Terminal

2) Please switch your User as root. Execute Following Command as Normal user.
[tejasbarot@tejasbarot ~]$ su –
You will get prompt like this.
[root@tejasbarot ~]#

3) Download Team Viewer 5. Execute Following Command onย Linux Terminal.
wget -c

For TeamViewer 6 :- # If you are trying this then it is possible you might face many dependencies issue. I don’t have solution for that yet.

Or You can also click on above link to Download using your Browser.

4) Now It’s Time to Install Team Viewer 5 on Linux. Execute Following Command as root.
rpm -ivh teamviewer_linux.rpm

5) Once Team Viewer Get Installed. Make sure you are switch to Normal User. Because New Team Viewer cannot be run as root.

Note :- This Team Viewer is also Using wine as its backend but it never creates problem.

You can open it by following ways.
Open Using Terminal :- Execute Command teamviewer
From GUI :-
Click on Applications -> Internet -> TeamViewer

By Following Similiar steps you can install on Ubuntu Also.

If you want to run TeamViewer as root click here, I have already found the way to run as root. Running/Open Team Viewer 5 as a root from GUI.

If Getting any difficulties or problem feel free to contact me by commenting or contacting me personally. You can get my Mail ID from About US Page.

If you like it or don’t like it Just Express through comments. Every comments accepted.

Hope this helps.

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