Fedora 12 adds Moblin technology

Hi Friends,

The Fedora Linux project has integrated Moblin technology for netbooks and nettops. The project is seeking alpha testers to help “make [Moblin] great” for its debut in Fedora 12, which ships this fall.

Moblin technology is available initially in the “Constantine” alpha release of Fedora 12. It is also available in “Rawhide,” the Fedora branch under perpetual development. Following testing and fine-tuning in those branches, Moblin technology is slated for inclusion in Fedora 12, set to ship November 10, 2009.

News of the integration was posted to the Fedora developer’s list by Peter Robinson, maintainer of the “Fedora Mini” special interest group. Robinson encouraged the Fedora developer community to help test out the integration, and to “make it great” for the final Fedora 12 release.

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