Thank You India for making Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India

Hello All,

Firstly I would like to Congratulate Shri Narendra Modi for becoming Next Prime Minister of India.

This Election was special, tough and very Surprising for not only Political parties but also People of India. Specially This election was toughest for BJP as BJP was struggling to get into the power from Last 10 years, But i will not go much in detail about politics.

I want to Thank You India and Specially want to Thank India for Rejecting “Communalism Vs Secularism, Anarchists, Anti Nationalists, Negative Campaigning and many more”. Other side I want to thank Shri Narendra Modi and BJP for sticking to Development and Governance agenda in this election. Congratulations to BJP and Narendra Modi for getting Positive Mandate of India.

I am quickly moving on to the Subject and I want to Thank People of India for Electing Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India. What more important is People of India elected Shri Narendra Modi smartly and with huge responsibility, After 30 years People of India given Clear Mandate, Given Majority to BJP and more than 50% seats to Only BJP and NDA is 330+ seats. So India chosen Strongest government after 30 years.

Prime Minister of India
Prime Minister of India

I want to Thank People of India for giving Majority to Shri Narendra Modi and BJP. Strong government for India was Much needed and I am very happy that People of India understood this very well and choosing Modi/BJP clearly, We have seen governments from last 30 years with inside or outside support which obviously stops and develops India slowly.

This Government is now in Clear Majority and This government will not work in any pressure and More importantly We have Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India who is very well known for Development, Good Governance, Decision maker and quick decision maker. Now I am very sure that One India will be Best India and Developed India.

Being Gujarati I have seen Development and Governance under Shri Narendra Modi in Gujarat as Chief Minister and I want to assure people of India that You will never feel that you have voted for wrong person, This person will make your Vote’s value count and will make “Bhavya and Divya Bharat“.

In just few years, I am sure we will proudly say that “Every Part of India is Secure, India is Developed, We have the best Governance, We have PM who takes quick and right Decisions”.

One more time, Thank You India for Making Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India and Voted for Governance and Development. CongratsNamo.

Last but not the Least, I want to Congratulate campaigning and advertising team of BJP for doing positive campaign like “Achche Din Aane walen Hain”, “Ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkaar”.

Victory Speech of Prime Minister of India from Ahmedabad :-


Be a “Narendra Modi” Voter | My Appeal to Vote for Modi

First of All Sorry to all those who follows my Blog only for Linux and Open Source HowTos and Article. Sorry for CONgress and Aam Aadmi Party followers who follows my blog too !

Hello Indians,

I am writing this article to Support Shri Narendra Modi ji as Next Prime Minister of India. Narendra Modi ji is contesting this election only on Development, Governance and Corruption issues and more importantly He is presenting Gujarat Development and Governance Model to Country’s people.

I am an Indian First, So First as a Indian and Secondly as a Gujarati, I am appealing to all voters of India to Vote for Shri Narendra Modi. I can write so many things about Shri Narendra Modi’s work and his development.

Narendra Modi


What is the Aam Aadmi’s need in India !?

1. 24 hour Uninterpreted power supply. (24 hour electricity)

2. Enough water.

3. Good Roads, Good Highways

4. Internal Security.

5. Women Security.

6. Development.

7. Big Industries to invest and increase employment.

8. Give importance to e-Governance.

9. “ZERO” tolerance on Corruption issues.

10. Importance to Technology.

11. End Politics of Communal Vs. Secular, Only Indians ( No Caste, No Dharma, No Riots, nothing)

12. Bring Black Money back to the Country.

From Point 1 to Point 11 all points implemented successfully by Shri Narendra Modi in Gujarat, 12th point is issue of Central Government and I am sure he will bring all Black money back to the country !

Many more things done by Shri Narendra Modi in Gujarat, Above 12 points are very basic which India needs and needs it badly. If you vote for Shri Narendra Modi, I am sure after 60 months, above 10 points will never be a part of any party’s manifesto.

Congress was in Power for 60 years, they did nothing.

Rahul Gandhi is very inexperienced and He has not done anything to show as his benchmark.

Arvind Kejriwal is just fresher, inexperience and ran away from his responsibility in  just 49 days.

Shri Narendra Modi is handling Gujarat 12+ year with so much criticism, My Request to all Indian “Responsible” voter is “Lets give Shri Narendra Modi a one chance for 60 months and He will change the Our country.”

Congress & Rahul Gandhi did “Vikas Khoj Yatra” and they failed.

Avind Kejriwal did “Gujarat Tour”, he failed and he lied about Gujarat and its development.

As an Aam Aadmi of India, I would like to say, I have experienced Superb Governance and Awesome Development in Gujarat, I am sure if people of India will vote for Narendra Modi, he will work for Development, Governance and all the basic issues.

So Let’s all Says, Ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkaar, and Yes, If you will be a “Modi” Voter, Achche Din Pakke se Aane wale Hain.

Let’s make Mission272+ Successful and even better by giving 300 seats to BJP for better India.

Jai Hind Guys, Please Vote for Change, Vote For India, Vote for Shri Narendra Modi and make sure Ab Ki Baar 300 paar.

More important, If you even don’t like any candidate Just go and Vote, but please please please celebrate biggest Indian Democracy festival.

India is largest Democracy of the WORLD. Let’s go out and VOTE.


Google Hangout: Shri Narendra Modi Live | Super Man from Gujarat | Super Man of India | Gujarat’s Chief Minister


This post is something different from Linux and Open Source. But Surely Related to Technology of Gujarat, In Fact technology of India.

In India, There are so many politicians who even do not know what is internet and what is computer.

But There is One Chief Minister of Gujarat Mr. Narendra Modi who always connected to Technology and Who always tries to Communicate with his people of Gujarat His People of India.

This is very proud moment for all of Gujaratis as well as each and every Indian that in this whole world only Three politicians have Done Google Hangouts and Shri Narendra Modi is one of them.

Following Politicians have done Google Hangout :-

1. US President Barack Obama

2. Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard

3. Gujarat’s Chief Minister and Future Prime Minister Of India Shri Narendra Modi

More Proud for us is Shri Narendra Modi is The First Indian Politician who have done Google Hangout.

I feel he will remain only one Politican in India because all other politicians are very poor at Computer and Internet. Some of them are against Internet and Social websites CAN YOU BELIVE IT ??????? But Shri Narendra Modi is not like that so Don’t worry.

Shri Narendra Modi’s Google Hangout anchoring has been done by Mr. Ajay Devgan, A Very Famous Actor of India Hosted the show.

Google Hangout is the technology where you can talk face-to-face with your family and friends, Shri Narendra Modi Communicates with his Gujarat and India’s people.

This is must watch video of Mr. Narendra Modi who is CEO of Gujarat, A Super man of Gujarat for Super India.

Narendra Modi Ji’s Google Plus Hangout Video :-

I Just want to tell Youngsters of India that Please be on a side of Mr. Narendra Modi and Gujarati Please support Narendra Modi for years and years to get a Growth of Gujarat for Growth of India.

If Shri Narendra Modi is presented for Prime Minister of India then I want to request to all of you that vote for Mr. Narendra Modi to become Prime Minister of India as fast and as soon as possible to change India’s Image in front of whole world. And this is the only man who can take India a Long ahead in Technology world.

Google Hangout Video of Your Questions to Shri Narendra Modi :-


Official Website of Shri Narendra Modi :-

Official YouTube Channel of Shri Narendra Modi :-

Read More on Shri Narendra Modi’s Hangout :-

I am sure this is a very proud moment for Each and Every Indian and Each and Every Gujaratis wherever they are.

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Waiting for your feedback.

Narendra Modi: Sadbhavana Mission | Sadbhavana Fast – “Prayer for Unity of Gujarat and India” | Politics | Gujarat | India

Hello All,

I am again Sorry for another non-technical post on Technical Blog.People who doesn’t like this post please ignore it and sorry again.

As Indian and Specially As a Gujarati i have to post this.

Movement Time Period : 17th Sep 2011 to 19th Sep 2011

From Now On, 17th September is known as Unity of Gujarat, Unity of India, From Today MR. Narendra Modi is doing fast and Praying for Unity of India and Unity Of Gujarat. Mr. Modi makes this day so special this is a great movement for India. As Anna Hazare this is the Unique movement to.


Lets not take this movement as Politically, This Movement is for Unity of India and Unity of Gujarat, So This is request to those who taking it negatively and doing negative publicity. NO POLITICS PLEASE.

I would like to tell all of you and may be you are already aware of this fact, There were so many difficulties when Mr. Modi became chief Minister of Gujarat, Earthquake and Riots and So negative publicity from  all other political parties, but he faced it very bravely and came out of it. He Fights very positively and Because of that he became very successful and very Famous Face of India. He is the Number 1 Chief Minister of India.

Again telling you the fact which you already know, He Developed Gujarat very magnificently, He Makes the Gujarat which was in our dream, He Dedicated his life for 6 cr. Gujarati’s and He developed Gujarat for India.


Narendra Modi on Sadbhavana Mission
A Man Who Prays for Unity of Gujarat and India - Mr. Narendra Modi ( Chief Minister of Gujarat)

In Gujarat, Previously Meaning of 17th September was Mr. Narendra Modi’s Birthday and Most Successful Chief Minister in All Over India and We Gujarati’s are very proud to celebrate this day. We Wish Mr. Narendra Modi (લોક લાડીલા મુખ્યમંત્રી માનનીય શ્રી. નરેન્દ્ર મોદી) A Very Happy Birthday and Many Many Happy returns of the day. God Give him strength to fight against those people who is representing Chief Minister of Gujarat. We wish him all the best for Future.

During the same period, All Industries and All Big names Trusted Gujarat and they like to Invest in Gujarat and the important thing is that they feel very safe into Gujarat. There is so many things which can be written but these are the main things which we can think and should be proud of it.

In Short, I will say that, We have never thought that this kind of State can ever be possible in India, But He developed it and He Gave us the confidence that this kind of Gujarat or any state is possible if you have ability to do it. He has not developed Gujarat for Gujarat He Developed Gujarat for India.

In Today’s News Paper, In Letter of Mr. Narendra Modi there is Support for one Open Source Utility also they have mentioned You can See the Video through “PAVAN CHANNEL” using VLC Player which feels great 🙂

I Consider Mr. Narendra Modi as a Best Administraor. Thanks for your all your efforts for Gujarat and Gujarat for India.

This is My Request to Opposition that Please don’t go for “TIT FOR TAT METHOD“, go for Unity and Support Unity.

“We and all Indians are already united, This fast for those who cannot Understand and making Negative Publicity for Gujarat” – Tejas Barot

Lets Pray for Unity of Gujarat and Lets Pray for Unity of India, Instead of Taking this as Politically lets take it for Unity.

I request more and more people to Support this movement.

Official Post on Sadbhavana Mission :-

Live Telecast of Sadbhavana Mission :-

Live Updates of Sadbhavana Mission through SMS :- Please give a miss call on (022-61550770) [Toll Free]

Above Live Telecast and Updates Details which is provided as per News Paper Divyabhaskar.

Let Support this Movement in Technology way, If you support this movement then Show your support with Your Comment, and Please click on “Google +1 Button” and Vote your Support.

Waiting for your comments.

Enjoy Unity 🙂


Tejas Barot’s Latest Linux Quote :-

“There were so many viruses waiting outside of Computer Room,
I opened door,They came and went out very sadly, Because they didn’t find WindowZ,
Feel Protected, Be Protected, Use Linux and Open Source” –
Tejas Barot

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e-Voting In Gujarat | Internet Voting in Gujarat | Online Voting Gujarat | Gujarat Elections | India

Hello Friends,

In India, You have to get into long queue to make your vote count, But In Gujarat i think this is the revolution which is going to take place in all over the India, Gujarat Municipal Corporations Election is going to be on Internet, Wow Isn’t this great????

As I am in IT Field I would like to share this news all over the world, That in India Gujarat Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi taken a nice initiative for e-Voting for the first time in India ( I don’t know about the rest of the world)

This is very nice concept, This is called a use of Technology, This Project is the first time in India and will make proud to all of us, I Hope every state should think on this so voters feel interesting and start voting by wasting time.

This election is for Municipal Corporations but Hoping to See this kind of elections for all other purpose.

I as Gujarati feeling so much proud that this kind of initiative started from Gujarat only, Thanks to Gujarat’s very popular Chief Minister for applying his mind on such a huge topic and taken initiative of e-Voting in India,

Thanks to Mr. Narendra Modi, A Chief Minister like Mr. Narendra Modi can only do this. We are lucky to having you as our C.M. ( Common Man)