[Solved] Skype 4.2.x Linux : Can’t Connect | Ubuntu 12.04 / Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

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Today Morning, I started my Laptop and Logged in to My Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS box and tried to Login in to Skype with same credentials, Skype thrown Error was “Can’t Connect”.

I managed to solve this error so sharing this error’s solution which might helps you.

This Error’s solution is very simple but very weird and complicated to find it out, I have find it out by just guessing the things.

skype 4.3 for Linux
skype 4.3 for Linux

I Just went to Skype’s Website and Checked that Latest Version was there so I gave it try and Updated New Version, After updating version of Skype, I am able to login successfully without any problem.

Get the Latest Version of Skype 4.3 For Linux from here http://www.skype.com/en/download-skype/skype-for-computer/

and Install it by using following Command :-

tejas-barot@skype-ubunt-14-04-lts:~$ sudo dpkg -i skype-xxx-xx.deb

I was using Skype’s Version 4.2.x for Linux, I have updated version to and this solved my problem.

This is very simple Solution to the problem but very weird to find it out so Sharing with you guys.

Enjoy Skype Calls 🙂 Enjoy Ubuntu 🙂 Enjoy Linux 🙂 Enjoy Open Source 🙂

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Skype Released: Install Skype on Debian / Ubuntu / Fedora / Linux


Skype is now released Finally for Linux, So Today Sharing HowTo to Install Skype 4.2 on Linux / Debian / Ubuntu / Fedora.

Skype 4.2 released for 32-Bit Versions But You can try following HowTos for 64-Bit to it might work, I have only tried on 32-Bit Systems and it worked. Let me know wit your Feedback that it is working for 64-Bits or Not.

Skype New Version is Released with Minor Improvements and Bug Fixes.

Skype 4.2
Skype 4.2

Perform Following Steps to Install Skype on Debian / Ubuntu :-

Step 1:- Remove the Skype if you previously installed with Ubuntu Repository :-

tejas-barot@linux-support-ahmedabad:~$ sudo apt-get remove skype skype-bin

Step 2:- Download the Skype for Your Distribution from Below Link :-


Step 3 :- To Install Skype Execute Following command :-

tejas-barot@linux-support-ahmedabad:~$ sudo dpkg -i skype*.deb

Step 4 :- Once it is done, It is possible that you won’t find Skype Indicator / Icon So Solve the same, Install Following Packages :-

tejas-barot@linux-support-ahmedabad:~$ sudo apt-get install sni-qt sni-qt:i386

Step 5 :- If you are Facing Audio Issues, Install Following Package :-

tejas-barot@linux-support-ahmedabad:~$ sudo apt-get install libsound2-plugins:i386

Perform Following to Install Skype on Fedora :-

Step 1 :- Download Skype for Fedora from Below Link :-


Or To Download from Command Linke

[root@tejas-barot-linux-support-ahmedabad ~] # wget http://download.skype.com/linux/skype-

Step 2:- Install Dependencies for Skype :-

[root@tejas-barot-linux-support-ahmedabad ~] # yum install pulseaudio-libs.i686 qt.i686 qt-x11.i686 libXv.i686 pulseaudio-libs-glib2.i686 alsa-plugins-pulseaudio.i686 libXScrnSaver.i686 qtwebkit.i686 alsa-lib.i686

Step 3 :- Install the Downloaded RPM by Executing Following command :-

[root@tejas-barot-linux-support-ahmedabad ~] # rpm -ivh skype-

That’s It 

Hope this will helps you all, If you face any issue regarding the same or its not working for you some how then please raise your questions / issues then comment down below.

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