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Howto: Installing Google Chrome on RHEL 6 for x86 and x86_64 | Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6

Hello Guys, Today, I am sharing one Howto for Google Chrome on RHEL 6.You can follow this how to on both Architecture. 32bit and 64 bit. By Following this steps you’ll able to Install Google Chrome in Just Two Steps. Google Chrome is not supported on RHEL 5.x/ CentOS 5.x as there is a older […]

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Setup and Configuration of a Virtual Machine in Virtual Box

VirtualBox is an operating system virtualization program that allows you, the end user, to do an incredible number of things that you couldn’t otherwise do in any other way than in a live environment.  But not everyone has more than one machine laying around with an OS installed on it, and not everyone wants to […]

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Configuring Subversion on Ubuntu

Hi Friends, I am sharing method to configure Simple Subverion with Basic Authentication on Ubuntu. To Install Subversion Open Terminal and Execute Following Commands :- sudo apt-get install subversion libapache2-svn Now Create Subversion repository in /svn (You can choose your own path) sudo svnadmin create /svn Give this permission to that /svn folder sudo chown […]

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