Howto: Installing TeamViewer 7 on Linux | Ubuntu 11.04 | Ubuntu 11.10


Today I am sharing one of the common things which is very easy for Experience Linux Users.

This post is totally Targets those who is totally fresh or beginner in Linux And Ubuntu World.

I am writing this article to Install TeamViewer 7. Latest TeamViewer on Ubuntu 11.04 and 11.10 Linux.

For Those who using Fedora i will post for them too but after few days, As After Fedora 15 i switched to Ubuntu so it will take some time for me to Install, Test and Write Article for the same.

Perform on Your OWN RISK.

TO Install TeamViewer 7 on Ubuntu Linux, Please Perform Following Steps :-

1. Be Root User to Perform this step.
tejas@tejas-barot-linux-ahmedabad ~$ su –

2. Now Execute Following command to Download TeamViewer 7 :-
root@tejas-barot-linux-ahmedabad ~# wget -c

Browser Users Can Click and Download from this link :-

3. Once Download Completes Please Execute Following Command to Install TeamViewer 7:-
root@tejas-barot-linux-ahmedabad ~# dpkg -i teamviewer_linux.rpm

4. Now You will find TeamViewer 7 into :-

Applications -> Internet -> TeamViewer 7

5. Ubuntu Users with Unity can Search for TeamViewer.

6. That’s It.

7. To Run TeamViewer as root Follow howto from this link :-

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Enjoy Linux 🙂 Enjoy TeamViewer on Linux 🙂 Enjoy Ubuntu 🙂

[SOLVED]: must be installed for pthread_cancel to work | For TeamViewer 6.0.9258 | CentOS 6 x86_64 | RHEL x86_64 | 64-Bit


I have already posted howto for Enabling TeamViewer 6.0.9258 as root.

If you have Enabled Root login or you have installed TeamViewer 6.0.9258 on CentOS 6 or RHEL 6 and you are getting following error then this post is your friend :- must be installed for pthread_cancel to work

Some Users were facing the issue on RHEL 6 ( Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6) and CentOS 6.

I managed to solve this issue, So posting the solution here, but as always tested on single desktop, As its a library related things so if you don’t know what you are doing then don’t follow this post.

Again Whatever you follow its completely on your own risk, Nobody is responsible if anything goes wrong.

To Solve this error please perform following steps :-

1) Become root to perform this step. You can become root by following command

[famous@tejas-barot-linux-blog-ahmedabad ~]$ su –

2) Execute Following command on your Terminal :-

# To Execute Following command, Internet Must be working from Terminal

[root@tejas-barot-linux-blog-ahmedabad]# rpm -ivh
# If Internet is not working from Terminal then You can Download RPM :-

To Download RPM Click on This link :-

Once Download gets finished then execute following command :-

[root@tejas-barot-linux-blog-ahmedabad]# rpm -ivh libgcc-4.4.4-13.el6.i686.rpm

3) That’s it, Once It gets Installed Successfully

4) Now Execute “teamviewer” command from root or you can also open TeamViewer from Applications -> Internet -> TeamViewer

Hope guys this helps you. Waiting for your comments and Feedback.

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Enjoy TeamViewer 6.0.9258 as root :) Enjoy Open Source :) Enjoy Linux :)


Howto: Running TeamViewer 6.0.9258 As root on Fedora 15 | RHEL 6 | CentOS 6 | Ubuntu| x86_64 | 32-Bit | 64-Bit | Linux

Hello All,

I’m back with another post for Root lovers who likes to work as a root and who always likes to login as a root.

Enabling TeamViewer 5 as root method is very popular and became very easy for anybody to Unlock TeamViewer for Root users. I have also posted the how to for the same and it got very popular and got nice comments for the same topic, I am really thankful to those who have visited that post and encourage me to write some more Howto.

Some Visitors were keep asking me for the same Solution so I am posting Method to “Running TeamViewer 6.0.9258 as a root On Fedora 15 | Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 | RHEL 6 and Ubuntu Linux. I have tested Only on Fedora but it should work as i have used common Linux Commands to Develop this howto.

Note : If you don’t know what this script and this howto going to do then don’t follow this how to. Even if you know and if something goes wrong then You are the only resposible for this. Do it at completely your own risk.

In TeamViewer 6.0.9258, TeamViewer changed method to login as a root, So For Beginner it is some what difficult to enable it, They have used functions and Called a Function to Disable root.

If you are getting Error something like below then Perform this Howto :-

[root@tejas-barot-linux-ahmedabad ~]# teamviewer
TeamViewer: 6.0.9258
Profile: /root (root)
Desktop: compiz-gnome
LSB Version:    :core-4.0-ia32:core-4.0-noarch
Distributor ID:    Fedora
Description:    Fedora release 15 (Lovelock)
Release:    15
Codename:    Lovelock

Error: TeamViewer must not be executed as root!

For those who wants a quick solution for this issue, I have written a small script which enabled TeamViewer 6.0.9258 Version as root.

To Perform This Howto Following are the Requirement :-

1) Of Course  TeamViewer 6.0.9258 is installed
2) TeamViewer 6.0.9258 Must be installed at its default path (/opt/teamviewer) and Configuration Must be at its default path
3) If you select Option 2 From Script then Internet Must be running from your terminal, Must be able to download file from Terminal and wget package Must be Installed.

Once above requirement Meets then Perform following steps to Run TeamViewer 6.0.9258 as Root :-

1) If you are running as root then its fine otherwise you have to be root to run this script.

2) Download this script By Clicking following link or Executing Following Command on your terminal :-

Browser Users Click this Link :-

Execute this command on Terminal :- # wget

3) Now Execute Following commands as root to make it executable :-

[linux@tejas-barot-ahmedabad ~]# chmod +x

4) Now execute Script by one of the Following Method :-

[linux@tejas-barot-ahmedabad ~]# ./ OR [linux@tejas-barot-ahmedabad ~]#sh

5) It will ask you for two Option :-

Select Option (1) To Run Script Locally, No Internet Needed

Select Option (2) only If Internet is running Directly from terminal and command ‘wget’ is installed.

Please Enter your Choice: 1 or 2 and Press Enter ( Option 1 is recommended)

6) Just Sit back and Relax for Some time.

7) That’s it. Now You’ll able to run TeamViewer 6.0.9258 as root.

Optional :- must be installed for pthread_cancel to work

If you are getting above error then please execute following command and Install RPM and then try run teamviewer :-

[root@tejas-barot-linux-ahmedabad]# rpm -ivh

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If this script worked for you then please don’t forget to comment and if this script not worked for you then please post your errors with output so I’ll try to help you out.

Hope this helps to everybody.

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Enjoy TeamViewer 6.0.9258 as root 🙂 Enjoy Open Source 🙂 Enjoy Linux 🙂


Howto: Running TeamViewer 5/6 as root on Linux | Fedora | Ubuntu | RHEL | CentOS


First of all Let me tell you that this HOWTO is performed on Fedora Ubuntu Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS. This post is applied for TeamViewer Version 5 and 6.

Here is the post on TeamViewer on Linux Again. Hoping that you guys enjoyed previous post regarding TeamViewer Installing on Linux.

Now Here I am going to post 1 trick and tips for TeamViewer. Many Users who likes to work as root and but in TeamViewer 5 there is restriction for Running as root.

Whenever you are trying to run TeamViewer as root from Terminal, You will get message like below :-

TeamViewer must not be executed as root!

By Following very few steps you will be able to run TeamViewer as root.

Perform Following Steps to run TeamViewer As root.

  1. Of Course you have to be root to perform these all steps.
  2. Please Open Terminal on Fedora, Red Hat, CentOS ( Applications -> System Tools -> Terminal )
    Please Open Terminal on Ubuntu ( Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal )
  3. Now Lets find where exactly teamviewer command is. Execute Following command to Find it out.
    []# which teamviewer
    <– You will get this kind of output on your terminal
  4. Be safe So First Lets take a backup of Original TeamViewer Command. Execute Following Command
    cp /usr/bin/teamviewer /usr/bin/teamviewer-orig 
  5. Let’s Open teamviewer file. Here in /usr/bin/teamviewer they have put the restriction for root user. So Lets Remove it. Open File By Executing vim /usr/bin/teamviewer and You will able to see following lines into /usr/bin/teamviewer :-

    userid=$(id -u)if [ $userid = 0 ]
    echo TeamViewer must not be executed as root!
    exit 1

    CHANGE those line to

    ##userid=$(id -u)

    ##if [ $userid = 0 ]
    ##        echo TeamViewer must not be executed as root!
    ##        exit 1

    Save and Exit this file ( Press “ESCthen Press :wq! )


  6. To Open TeamViewer from GUI. Click on Applications –> Internet -> TeamViewer
  7. To Open TeamViewer from Terminal in Fedora, Red Hat and CentOS. Click on Applications -> System Tools -> Terminal. On Terminal Execute Command teamviewerTo Open TeamViewer from Terminal in Ubuntu. Click on Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal. On Terminal Execute Command teamviewer
  8. That’s It Guys

Hope you all like this tip about Running TeamViewer as root on Fedora, Ubuntu, CentOS and RHEL. Please let me know if you face any difficulties while performing above steps. I have not tested it on Ubuntu but it should work with same way.

If you have not installed TeamViewer then please install it by visiting my previos post on TeamViewer :-

Let me have your feedback guys. Thanks for reading Article.

Enjoy TeamViewer on Linux 🙂 Enjoy TeamViewer as root 🙂 Enjoy Linux 🙂 Enjoy Open Source 🙂

TeamViewer must not be executed as root!