Installing (New) Indian Rupee Font (Symbol) in Linux ( Fedora | RHEL | Ubuntu )

Hello Guys,

As a Indian and as Open Source user I am feeling proud to sharing this howto. This howto will guide you to install and using (New) Indian Rupee  Font (Symbol)  In Linux.

Using This howto You can install and using Indian Rupee Symbol into Fedora RHEL and Ubuntu Linux.

Right now Installing Indian Rupee on Windowzzzz is very easy and very howto you will get, But For Linux i am able to find some howto and combining it here. Hope you all like it.

Here i have made some modifications from Howto and I am doing that in some details with screenshots So you feel very easy to install it.

1) First of all Download ttf fonts for Indian Rupee Symbol.
Link to Download :-

2) Extract Using GUI or from Command. If You want to unzip file using command in Linux then unzip is the command (i.e. unzil

3) In Fedora and Ubuntu Double Click on .ttf File. You will get a Option in Right Down Side “Install Font.” Click on Install Font for all three .ttf Files one by one and That’s It. You are done.Below is the screen shot for the same.

Click on Image to Enlarge
Installing Fonts in Linux Using Font Viewer

4) To Test that Fonts for Indian Rupee Symbol is installed or not We will use Open Office. Lets Use OpenOffice Writer to test it.

5) Click on Application -> Click on Office -> Click on Writer.

6) Right now Indian Rupee Symbol can only be written in Three Fonts Which You have installed from
You can use Verdana, Times New Roman and Arial to Type Indian Rupee Symbol On Linux. Below is the screen shot.

Click on Image to Enlarge
Selecting Fonts for Indian Rupee from OpenOffice Writer

7) Now Press a (~) key exact above TAB key without bracket. You dont’t have to combine ~ key with any key combination like CTRL ALT SHIFT. Nothing Just Press the ~ key and you will able to see a Indian Rupee Symbol into OpenOffice Writer. Below is the image for ~ key on Keyboard.

Note :- Still I have not test this fonts into RHEL and Ubuntu but it should work. Because I don’t use Ubuntu as much so guys if you are having any problems or doubts let me know with your errors and doubts.

Thanks to Hitesh Joshi Blog and Layman Linux.

If you don’t find Fonts then E-Mail me on blog(at)tejasbarot(dot)com with a Subject Indian Rupee Fonts so I will send you fonts. If subject line is different then your mail will be ignored.

Hope you all Like it.

Note :-

1) I don’t know anything is copyright for this font to install or not. I am just sharing it.

2) You will get a problem typing open single quote key into any text boxes on internet. While typing open single quote key ` will print. I am trying to find solution but till i do not get it you have to continue with this.

Enjoy Indian Symbol on Linux… 🙂 Waiting for your Comments.