Installing Google Video Chat on Linux | Ubuntu

Hello Friends,

This is happiness to all Linux users specially Ubuntu and Debian Users. Fedora & RPM supported Linux has to wait for some time.

Google released DEB file to Install Google Video Chat on Linux on Ubuntu. In Excitement of fast releasing Google Only Provided DEB files for Ubuntu and Debian based Linux. So Right now Google Video chat cannot be installed on RPM supported Linux. But Sure Google is right now on Process to release RPM very soon.

Below is the procedure to Install Google Video chat on Linux | Ubuntu

1. Click on Link below to Download Google Video Talk plugin

2. Once Download finished, File is about 5.7 MB. To Install google talk plugin libglew 1.5 or libglew > 1.5 is required.

3. Just Double-Click on DEB file and Install it. If you are going to Install it with GUI then you don’t worry about Dependecies Ubuntu’s GUI Installer will take care of it.

4. Make sure you restart your browser to Use Google Video chat

To Install Google Talk Plugin Using Command, Follow below procedure :-

1) You need root privilege to Install DEB file.

2) Click on Accessories -> Click on Terminal

3) Change your directory where you have download DEB file.

4) Execute dpkg -i google-talkplugin-xxx.deb. If you are getting any dependencies problem Just Install those dependecies First then again execute this command.

5) Make sure you restart your browser to Use Google Video chat

Still waiting from Google to Release RPM very soon.

Enjoy Linux πŸ™‚ Enjoy Google Video Chat on Ubuntu | Debian Linux πŸ™‚