Register Yourself and Your Machines as Linux User

Hello Friends,

Today I found good website which provides us to Register ourself as Linux

This website showing us the registered Linux Users and Machines.

Can’t say That this is the exact or the right numbers but I found it good
and sharing with you guys.

We can register ourself as Linux Users and Even We can register our machines
as Linux User.

This is not compulsory to register at all. Also this is my personal opinion
if you like to register yourself or your machines then only do that.

Again Its not a compulsory to register.

To Register yourself as Linux User and Linux Machine Follow this link :-

I have registered myself as Linux User follow this link to see my Linux
Registration Information :-

After Registering you will get a logo with your registration Number so you
can place that logo on your blog or website.

You can find sample logo which i have place on right panel. You can see that.

Registered Yourself and Your Machine and take proud as a Linux User 🙂